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 Rules Modifications Considerations

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Rules Modifications Considerations Empty
PostSubject: Rules Modifications Considerations   Rules Modifications Considerations EmptyMon Sep 15, 2014 8:56 pm

Considering using some of the following modifications to the 7th Sea rules.

Let me know what you think and let me know if you can think of others.

I got most of these from the, 7th Sea tab.

Brutes and TR
-          Base XkX = TR
-          +1k0 for each additional Brute
-          Example: TR 4
o   1 Brute: 4k4; +2 Brutes = 6k4

Drama Dice Alternate (not sure if I’ll use because of Glamour Dice)
-       Start with 1 for every 10 Rep
o   Modify to Start with the above OR start with Drama Dice equal to lowest Trait, whichever is higher.
o   Villainous Reputation is maintained separately and adds to overall Reputation (but can only have 30 before becoming a Villain)
Alt 2
o   Earn xp by SPENDING Drama Dice instead of saving them

Alt 3
o   Spend a Drama Die once per Act (Game Session) to use an ability of Mastery 1 higher than you currently possess. Will not use this for Laerdom.  Maybe not for others.

§  Ex: If Apprentice Glamour, 1 Drama Dice lets you use 1 Adept ability. Same with Swordsman, etc.
-         You may Invoke any number of runes once per scene each (ignoring normal limitations). If you want to Invoke the same rune more than once in a scene you may do so by spending a Drama Die. Certain Runes may not fall under this.  Will discuss it
Note: You can still attempt to Invoke a Rune on multiple people at once using the rules. However, once the duration ends, you must spend a Drama Die to activate the SAME Rune again in the same scene.
-          You may attempt to Invoke Runes on other people.
Combat Options
Considering making Interupt Actions USED SPECIFICALLY TO ACTIVE DEFENSE only cost 1 Action Die instead of 2.  This is to promote people actually using Active Defense instead of never doing so.

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Rules Modifications Considerations
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