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 [PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks)

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[PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks) Empty
PostSubject: [PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks)   [PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks) EmptySun Mar 19, 2017 6:15 pm

Korben Deckard
The Driver (Human)
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Driving d12*, Fighting d4, Notice d4, Knowledge (Computers) d6, Knowledge (Vegas) d4, Piloting d6, Repair d6, Shooting d6
- *Driving is d12 with Skill Chip, d10 without
- Knowledge (Vegas) represents Korben’s awareness of the city’s travel ways. Think London cabby’s Vegas version of “The Knowledge”
Charisma: +0; Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 5 (+Armor); Strain: 2
Hindrances: Enemy (Major); Quirk (Minor); Wanted (Minor)
Edges: Ace, Geared Up x2, Luck
Other Traits:
Gear: See below
¥: 200



Middle (¥5,000/monthly)

Korben Deckard makes a pseudo-legitimate living on a 2077 version of Uber or Lyft specialized to his personal signal. Called “The Drive,” Korben operates this program through his personal vehicle and numerous proxy cars he controls remotely. It also serves as a way to contact higher profile contacts who need a Driver for special jobs (read: Shadowrunning and similar).

This business is not entirely on the level, but only because of the numerous vehicle-related charges brought against him by the Horizon MegaCorp which has shamed his reputation.

Korben lives in a mobile unit, a futuristic “tiny home” the size of a cargo container which can fit into any rented apartment structure. It is moved by Korben by remote-controlled Big Rig.

Note: Executive Thomas Haas works for the Horizon MegaCorp.


The Inside Woman
Remarketable, assistant to the chief secretary for the vice-president of Aftermarket Sales, and a beauty to behold. A brilliant human woman, a native of the Pueblo Nation, and more than little on the edge, Rem legally changed her name when she joined with the Corp. She also sliced off half her hair, got a barcode tattoo of her SIN (self-identification number) on her neck, and styles herself in all the latest Corp-accepted fashion. Back when Deckard worked for Horizon MegaCorp, he and Remarketable dated in a big way. When the Boss threw him under the bus, however, she severed ties and was more than happy to get behind the wheel.

Now, Korben and Remarketable have an understanding. She needs the excitement and danger that comes with the Shadowrunner’s life, but doesn’t want the real threat to her way-of-life. She dances a razor’s edge dealing with him, but trades inside information for stories and the occasional task.

Chop Shop Terry
Terrance Nightingale, called Chop-Shop Terry by those who want to piss him off, the Nightingale by those who want to impress him, and just plain ol’ Terry to his friend. Note the singular friend, not friends, because Terry is an abrasive ol’ Ork, a true son-of-a-bitch in the proper sense who delights in fucking over everyone he can. Korben did his first “run” after being cast out of the Corporate World and Terry was the lead. The thing went tits up in a bad way and Korben had the opportunity to escape, did in fact in a blaze of glory, but for some reason known only to himself when the chance arrived to get out safe, Korben flipped a bitch, went back for the Ork, and got them out alive.

Terry provides Deckard with a regular supply of automated vehicles, new and rotated constantly to throw off the authorities. He also helps with parts and specialized labor when needed.



Sniper Rifle
• Range: 50/100/200
• Dmg: 2d10
• RoF: 1
• Shots: 12
• Min Str: -
• Weight: 8
• Cost: ¥700
• Notes: AP 4, HW, Snapfire. Ammo costs ¥50 and weighs 8lbs per box of 25.

Medium Pistol
• Range: 12/24/48
• Dmg: 2d6
• RoF: 1
• Shots: 24
• Min Str: -
• Weight: 2
• Cost: ¥300
• Notes: AP 3, SA. Ammo costs ¥25 and weighs 2lbs per box of 50.

• Binoculars (p14) ¥250
• Commlink (p14) ¥100
• Cyber Deck (p14) ¥1000 (+2 Knowledge (Computers))
• Body Armor (p16) ¥200 (+4 Armor and negates 4 PA from ballistics)

Cyberware (Total Strain: 2)

  • Cyberjack for connecting to remote-controlled drones, vehicles, and hacking into other necessary interfaces. Strain 1, ¥3K
    +4 to Knowledge rolls dealing with electronics; danger of Feedback (See p30 Sci-Fi)
  • Skill Chip (Driving) because every extra bit helps.
    +1 step to the Driving Skill; swapped as a Free action, but takes an entire round before the new skill is active. Strain 1, ¥3K (See p31 Sci-Fi)

The Faraday Cage (modified Faraday Future, see picture) (p52)
“The Future is Now.”
Size: 3
Acc/TS: 15/45 [Base: 10/25]
- Boosters double for 1 round of use; cost ¥100 to refill
Toughness: 13 (3) [Base: 12 (3)]
Mods: 6/10
Crew: 8 [Base: 4]
Cost: ¥26K
Modifications/Notes: Boosters (1); Crew Space (1); Handling (1); Luxury (1); Speed (1)
- Handling provides +1 to Drive tests
One of the few lingering items from his days driving for the Horizon MegaCorp, Deckard modified this speed-demon luxury vehicle to his own personal style and taste. After removing identifying markers, chopping it up, tearing it down, and rebuilding alongside Terry from bottom-to-top, this new version of an old Faraday blows apart the competition. While Korben can drive just about any vehicle and prefers to operate his basic business using remote-control, this is the black beauty he gets inside when on the Run.
The Faraday Cage is a work in progress and could easily accept more modification. For now, it’s designed for speed, control, and maximum carrying capacity all hidden inside a vehicle which looks designed for ferrying business execs.

Note: Reference provided images of Faraday Future for idea behind this vehicle.

Telemetric Integrated Machine
(Ref Sci-Fi p39)

Cost: ¥11K; Remaining Mods: 0
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d4, Vigor d4
Skills: Notice d8, Shooting d8, Stealth d6
Pace: -; Parry: 2; Toughness: 6 (4)
Gear: TIM has two SMGs disguised as arms. Range 15/30/60, Damage 2d6, RoF 4. Each gun has 100 shots.
Special Abilities:
Armor +4: Additional plating.
Flight: Pace 6”, Climb 1.
Immobile: Sentry bots cannot move except when using their Flight ability.
Sensor Suite: +4 Notice vs sound, motion, chemicals, radiation, and electrical fields up to 500 yards distant.
Size -2: TIM is the size of a basketball.

TIM is a basic Sentry Bot with minor personal modifications. He serves as eyes and ears on a Run and as a watchdog while Korben is at home.


• Enemy (Major): Mostly referenced in story. Big Bad Corp Boss.
• Quirk (Minor): Grew up within the Horizon Arcology structure and still speaks (proudly at times) with the Corp slang and lingo.
• Wanted (Minor): Primarily minor driving related offenses designed to keep tabs as much as cause trouble.
• Ace: Groomed as a defensive and skilled driver for the corporate elite for use against the dangerous Shadowrunners.
• Geared Up x2 and Luck: On the way out the door, Korben left with The Faraday Cage and it just so happened to have in its trunk a high quantity of specialized corporate tech which he parlayed into Nuyen.


Future XP/ ¥ Desires: lots and lots of cash for Vehicle mods, Skill Chips, Robots, and other nonsense
Edges: -
Traits: Agility d12, Smarts d10
Skills: Driving d12+, Piloting d10, Boating d8 or 10; other
Gear: Vehicle modification with Stealth System (¥30K) and/or AI (¥30K)

Spent XP:
+X: 1 Advance - ?

Humans of the Sixth World are about the same as the Humans you are used to seeing, though for whatever reason, Lady Luck tends to smile on them more than the other metahumans. Suppose that’s a great reason to live in Vegas, eh?
Adapt & Overcome: Humans have a greater capacity to adapt to their circumstances than the rest of metahumanity. You receive any Novice Edge for free, provided you meet all of its prerequisites.
Lady Luck’s Bestie: More often than not, dicey situations tend to go your way. You receive the Luck Edge for free.


Korben Deckard grew up in the Horizon MegaCorp Arcology in Las Vegas. Smart, savvy, and handsome, he grew not only to enjoy his time in the corporate structure, but to revel in it. He discovered a natural talent with vehicles at a young age and the execs placed him on the Drive Plan, a bureaucratic path designed to create skilled drivers with a suite of extra abilities. These Drivers are trained to get their cargo from one megastructure to another safely and to operate quickly within them. They have basic knowledge of weaponry and are hand-picked for their natural discretion.

Korben rose through the ranks with alarming speed, eventually being hand-picked by a major exec as a personal driver. Unfortunately for Deckard, Executive Thomas Haas had a tendency of pissing off the mob on the Vegas Strip. Throughout his time as Driver, Korben must have spent more than half traversing the dangerous side roads through the Sprawl and Strip ferrying his cargo back and forth.

One night, Haas got in deep with gambling debts, ditched the club, and called up Deckard for a quick egress. Knowing that the mob would try to trace him, Executive Haas left behind a trail of digital breadcrumbs which would lead them away from himself and to his driver. Minutes after dropping off his cargo and arriving home, Korben found himself the lucky winner of a complete beat down by the mob. They left him alive, just barely, to send a message to his boss.

The next day he was fired for gross negligence, misconduct, and endangerment of his boss. Knowing that being let go was tantamount to a death sentence, Deckard chose to beat the rap before it could beat him. He hit up his contact (Remarketable) for sure knowledge of the coming danger, stole the keys to his corporate car, and drove like a bat out of hell through the streets he knew best.



Clear the Name. Korben would like to not be the regular target of traffic stops and the not-so-irregular pummeling that comes from the mob when they’re bored. Neither the privatized police force nor the mob care that he no longer works for Horizon MegaCorp. They simply use him as a proxy for their aggression against the Big Bad.

Total War. Executive Thomas Haas has to go down. Preferably after his own reputation is ruined, thrown in the trunk of a shitty rent-a-car, covered in his own blood and piss, and buried deep down in the sands outside the Dome. Deckard would love to give him a life support system and a thin string of hope, but he waffles back and forth on whether he wants to spend the cash.

[PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks) Jason_10
Korben Deckard, the Driver

[PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks) 10-sta10
The Faraday Cage

[PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks) Execut10
Executive Thomas Haas of Horizon MegaCorp

[PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks) Remark10


[PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks) Chop_s10
Chop Shop Terry, Terrance Nightingale

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

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[PC] Korben Deckard, the Driver (Weeks)
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