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 Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Agrykos]

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Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Agrykos] Empty
PostSubject: Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Agrykos]   Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Agrykos] EmptyFri Mar 24, 2017 2:05 am

Storyteller Note: The following story takes place after the events of Tidewater Battle and the release of Port Town from Admiral Ferra's grip. Some are vague in terms of timeline to allow the player(s) involved to write in as they wish.

The Night Diamond

Agrykos stepped down the rock-strewn path, half-sliding on wet stone. The steady rhythm of the tide crashing echoed around the natural chambers of the hidden port. Overhead, an empty night sky, full of stars but no moon, offered little in the way of natural light.

As he reached the bottom the tiefling fell to his knees exhausted. He had traveled for days from Port Town, as soon as he could get away knowing that this must be done with a quickness. On his hands and knees, before hidden caves of the port, he dug.

He had chosen this spot for many reasons. Not least was to draw the raiders of Port Town away from the real hidden port arranged by Doake and his erstwhile deep gnome allies. But this distraction could have been created anywhere.

The warlock chose this place because the Queen demanded it.

And he returned on that same word.

Return when you have my diamond. Plant it here and I will guide your way.

He could not refuse any more than he could fill the hole left by her presence. It had been days since she had spoken to him. Something after the battle had severed the connection.

Yet, he had the diamond.

With reverent care he set the diamond in the ground, covered it up, and stood.

He waited.

The tide crashed, spray showering the warlock, drenching him in short order. Hours passed and the night sky stared down overhead without regard for his desires.

Just as he was certain he had failed in some fashion and started to turn, a single shaft of blackness erupted from the earth. It was followed by another. And another. Dark tentacles of liquid darkness crawled and expanded their way up, up, up into a tremendous form.

The form of the Tree of Night. Material home to the Queen of Air and Darkness.

Agrykos watched as the massive tree rose up, razor-sharp obsidian leaves sprouting from heavy black stone branches. A single, human sized hole opened at its base as he closed the distance. As he was about to step inside, a darkness spilled forth and a being rose up before him.

It was terrible to behold, even to one such as Agrykos, and he felt the true fear that can only come from a magical source.

The great being looked down without eyes.

"You are chosen. What would you know?"

Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Agrykos] Sensec10

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Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Agrykos]
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