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 Unicorn Game Specific Rules and Notes

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PostSubject: Unicorn Game Specific Rules and Notes   Unicorn Game Specific Rules and Notes EmptyMon Sep 15, 2014 10:45 pm

Spells and the Difficulty of the Burning Sands
Spellcasting outside the bounds of the Veil protecting the boundaries of Rokugan is difficult.  Once you pass the Veil, the little kami and spirits are less receptive to imploring prayers of a Rokugani shugenja.  The further from the Empire, the more difficult the casting.

-> On the Caravan Route (in the Burning Sands), all spells require an additional Raise to cast (this counts against your Raise limit).

-> In Medinaat al-Salaam where foreign gods and powers reign supreme, all spells require an additional 2 Raises to cast (this counts against your Raise limit).
Restrictions on Insight and Skill Ranks:
 Insight Rank: Because of the dual nature of the adventure we are going to play there are some extra rules on raising skills and your rank with experience throughout the game.  If your Insight changes while characters are still in the Burning Sands, you do not gain new Spells, Kiho, or benefit from your next Technique. This is dual purpose: the first part of the adventure is designed for Rank 4 characters and it is not reasonable that you will be able to train/study at all while on the Caravan Route. 
-> You may not raise a skill above 7 until the second half of the adventure. 
-> No skill may go above 8 the entire adventure and you may only have one 8
-> You may not have more than one 7.
-> You may not have more than 4 total skills at 5 or above.
Horsemanship Skill Mastery Level Changes
(0-2): No Full Attack Option
(3-4): May Full Attack; Horse gains +1k0 to Attack Rolls
(5-6): Mounting is a Simple Action/Dismount is Free; Free Raise to all Animal Handling Rolles involving Horses
(7+): Mounting is a Free Action; Horse gains +1 Swift

Horsemanship and Animal Handling (p321 Core Book)
Examples of Horsemanship difficulties and rolls:
-> Controlling a horse at full gallop: TN 10
-> Controlling a horse in the presence of violence, fire, or predators: TN 20
-> Riding a horse into battle: TN 25 (made only once, at the beginning of the battle)

Examples of Animal Handling uses:

-> Training an animal for a simple task (coming when called, remaining in place): TN 10, requires several hours or days to train
-> Training an animal to attack an enemy on command: TN 20, requires several days or weeks of intensive training
-> Performing unusual tasks (having a falcon scout for enemies, a pigeon deliver a message, a dog seek out wounded comrades): TN 30, several weeks or months
Horses in Combat and Moto War-Dogs (pp321-323 Core Book)
-> A horse which is under control will move on its rider’s Turn, but attacks on its own Turn in the Initiative order.
-> A horse which is out of control (such as a pony fleeing when hurt, or a horse with a lost rider) will move on its own Turn.

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Unicorn Game Specific Rules and Notes
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