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 Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Rianor]

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Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Rianor] Empty
PostSubject: Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Rianor]   Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Rianor] EmptyFri Mar 24, 2017 2:43 am

Storyteller Note: The following story takes place after the events of Tidewater Battle and the release of Port Town from Admiral Ferra's grip. Some are vague in terms of timeline to allow the player(s) involved to write in as they wish.

Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Rianor] Admira11

"Former Admiral Ferra Aquillon, you stand judged of treasonous crimes too numerous to mention. Your evil is beyond understanding, but your actions have demanded a swift and righteous judgment before your victims. You shall be executed, slain by the hand of those who brought you forth for our justice."

The rich baritone voice of the judge rang out for all to hear. The Priests of Port Town, under Berek the Indomitable, had readily agreed to serve against the heinous actions of the Cult of the Crushing Wave.

Rianor listened quietly, twisting the strange ring on her finger. A deal had been made...


After the strange underwater battle and the even stranger resurrection of the warlock Agrykos, the so-called "Saviors of Port Town" had retired with their captured "turtle" to deliberate upon the matter at hand.

Specifically, what to do with the evil bitch once she turned back into her human form?

"Kill her." Creegan, the Great Maw, demanded. He held her great trident, Drown and made no hesitation about his cause.

Others agreed, after a time, and all that was left was the decision of who should claim the honor.

"She wanted us to kill her, before," Agrykos spoke in a smooth, clear voice. "She was possessed by the Prince of Elemental Water, Olhydra. She was a sacrifice. I felt the elemental's power when she cast her spell."

The group nodded. They had seen the dark energies of the power word. A piece of the warlock's soul had been snatched away by the watery god and it was only through the sacrifice and power of the Queen that he had returned.

They argued further and in the end it was decided that Rianor could serve as executioner, but she must wear the ring that would trap Ferra's soul. "A debt must be paid," Agrykos said. And that was that.


Rianor strode up onto the wooden stage, the executioner's platform. She held the blade ready, stared down into the once beautiful face of the zealot, and whispered a prayer to the Queen.

The blade struck true. The blood poured freely and to her credit Ferra did not cry out.

RinRianorra felt the power of the Ring of Tlalo-Ka immediately. She felt the ebbing life as its soul set free and flew into the magical device.

But something was wrong. The ring grew slick and cold and tight all at the same time. Rianor stared down into Ferra's eyes and saw in an instant the former sea captain had one last trick. In her eyes Rianor saw not the dying mortal soul, but the sliver of power from a god.

The ring was absorbing a portion of the power of the Elemental Evil.

Rianor fell back, twisting and twisting and twisting to no avail. The ring would not come free. She felt the dark power of Olhydra seeping into her soul and knew she would be damned forever.

"No, child. This is my plaything. Let me help."

The voice came both from within the ring and from a far distant source. It was frightening and dark, rich, full of life. The voice of the great dragon Tlalo-Ka rang out and the Elemental Prince screamed.

"No gift without a price, child. Your Queen will serve, in the end. It matters not who summons her forth. With her comes the hidden price. I give you this chance, child. Join me?"

The ring turned a bright gleaming silver and viridian. Rianor could feel the spiritual jungle, the potency of Merata itself, wrapping tight around the elemental form, binding it close. The god cried out in anguish cursing the ring and its bearer.

From deep within Rianor heard the laughter of Ferra and the distant sound of the sea.

Storyteller Note:
Please feel free to respond as you like. We can play this back and forth. However, your actions have caused the Ring of Tlalo-Ka to become cursed. As part of that, you are now permanently attuned and do not know how to remove the power. Furthermore, in addition to its previous powers, the Ring becomes awakened and intelligent, its voice that of Admiral Ferra.

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

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Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Rianor]
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