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 Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Orion]

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Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Orion] Empty
PostSubject: Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Orion]   Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Orion] EmptyFri Mar 24, 2017 2:54 am

Storyteller Note: The following story takes place after the events of Tidewater Battle and the release of Port Town from Admiral Ferra's grip. Some are vague in terms of timeline to allow the player(s) involved to write in as they wish.

Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Orion] Gahste10

Orion felt his failure like a white hot iron at his breast.

Gahstellon the Lawkeeper had fled. His army of undead had been too powerful for Orion to destroy. Each man lost added to the ranks of the opposition. In the end, the paladin had needed Tyrant's aid to turn back the tide.

The zombies and revenants had all been destroyed, not a single black soul missed. But not the Lawkeeper, the Traitor. That treasonous death knight had turned tail once the battle was lost. Orion knew he had fled back to the cursed black walls of the Irons to regroup.

He stood at the north end of Port Town staring into the jungle.

Would he give chase?

As always, Aurelia'Kae offered her advice:

The warlock gains the Night Diamond. The Queen of Air and Darkness touches his soul. A dark elf exists within your group now. The world is ending.

Orion frowned and glanced at the pack next to his summoned elk. It contained all the information stolen from Granny Lickspittle's pyramid. A vast treasure trove of knowledge, all focused around the Five Houses of the Sylvar'rhem.

Information that Agrykos would need to summon the Queen.

You can vanish into the jungle with the power. Together, we will connect with the Song Between the Leaves. We will bring them to the Irons and destroy the vile death knight together. Then...


He knew what the sword wanted. It wanted the death of Rinora, the Duava'rhem. It wanted Agrykos. It wanted the Night Diamond tossed into the heart of a volcano.

In short, it wanted him to betray his friends.

Orion stared into the thick jungle, pondering his fate.

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Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Orion]
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