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 Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Doake]

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Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Doake] Empty
PostSubject: Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Doake]   Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Doake] EmptyFri Mar 24, 2017 2:58 am

Storyteller Note: The following story takes place after the events of Tidewater Battle and the release of Port Town from Admiral Ferra's grip. Some are vague in terms of timeline to allow the player(s) involved to write in as they wish.

All That You Need

Doake stood atop the Portmaster's Lighthouse and stared down at the ruin of Port Town. In the aftermath of Tidewater Battle, the waters had receded, the floods diminished, and the drenched destruction of the city laid bare. 

The little gnome knew it could have been far worse. Olhydra, the Crushing Wave, had wanted total annihilation. The elemental prince sought to drag the denizens of Port Town beneath the waves and swallow them whole. 

But he had failed. The Saviors of Salvana's Oasis had succeeded where no one else could. They had cast aside the attacker and brought together groups which normally despised one another. 

"It won't last." 

Doake smiled at his own words and turned away from the city to look out into the ocean. There, too, were signs of destruction. The inner bay was full of wreckage of dozens of ships, but the ocean beyond was clean, crisp, pure. It was a literal sea of potential.

Doake laughed hard at that.

He glanced back down at the letter received just that day from his magical source. 

Your success is noted in the Jeweled Cities. The star of the Radiant Accords is ascendant. You shall have all that you need.

All that I need, huh? thought Doake. 

It would mean ships. It would mean people. It would mean trade. 

And it would mean meddlesome bureaucrats, other wizards, and powerful traders coming take what he had earned. 

The Radiant Accords could not hold back the tide of the outside world. It couldn't stop the coming mix of good and bad. They would try to take what was his with words of praise. They would tell him how great a job he had done while working behind his back to remove him from authority. 

"I have succeeded too much."

Doake smiled again. 

"Well, let's have some fun." 

Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Doake] Exampl10

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Aftermath and Interludes - Post Tidewater Battle [Doake]
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