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 The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle]

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The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle] Empty
PostSubject: The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle]   The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle] EmptyThu Apr 06, 2017 4:50 pm

Posting this now so that players can get a leg up on the challenge. Please don't post any of the answers you get to this until we at least get to play again. I want to give every player the chance to take the challenge and solve the puzzle without interference by others. 

Please note that I am aware I am giving you this challenge far in advance of when you will need the information. That said, I think posting this here might help us keep thinking of the D&D game outside of playing it.

Remember that these are the Five Ruling Houses of the Sylvar'rhem (People of the Stars). None of these are the Duava'rhem leaders. None of these are the Lady of Summer (Queen of the Star Elves). 

Finally, I have some other information written on the various Houses and their lore that I can post later if people are interested. Considering that there is a very real chance of these Houses and their people coming back having knowledge of them may well be useful.

The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle] Titani10

The Lady of Summer

The Keys to the Five
Five years with the Night Diamond and the Queen is no closer to being summoned than the day you landed upon Merata. Her voice has gone silent, her whispers of truth vanished with the wind. Left with naught but the feeling of terror, the feeling of fleeting life, you have set to work in trying to uncover what remains to unlock her ward.

In recent months, Ghesh of the Hunapu and Jiordan Kaster, cleric of knowledge and fellow member of the Lords of Qezcahal, believe they have uncovered a truth. The Tower of the Five lies on the far side of Mictlan, the Land of the Dead. It is near Apan, the Growing Lake, and likely protected by a dark swamp known as the Black Expanse. Further, Ghesh has come to believe that the dead dragon beneath Mictlan is none other than Mik’tek’huatl, the Lady of the Dead. The Black Expanse and the Tower of the Five likely fall under her domain.

Armed with this knowledge you have delved furiously into the histories, scraps of knowledge, magic, and lore at your disposal. The Song Between the Leaves has given you clues, as has Orion’s connection with Aurelia’Kae. Orion also came from the ruined Pyramid, the lair of the Sea Hag, armed with stolen knowledge.

Below is what you know for certain about the Houses of the Five. You understand that a key to using the Night Diamond lies in correctly aligning each House with its Founder, its Symbol, its Words or Motto, and its Blade. Correctly aligning each of these five pieces is vital, for speaking them out of turn, or incorrectly, will likely result in an agonizing death.

What You Know

Aurelia’Kae, the Silver Thorn, is the House Blade of the Third of the Five. This is House Tlazolotl, the House of Purity and Sin whose founder was Vernestrakahl, the Lady of Filth and Beauty.

  • You do not know this House’s Symbol.

From the Song Between the Leaves
You know that the First of the Five is called the Tezcal’poca, The House of Near and Nigh.

From the Acquired Lore
You know that the names, symbols, blades, mottos, and founders by name, but not where each one goes.

House Names
- Xito Poteca, the Flayed House
- Tezcal’poca, the House of Near and Nigh
- Zo’laxtl, the House of the Setting Sun
- Omektu, the House of Blossoms
- Tlazolotl, the House of Purity and Sin

House Symbols
- Filigree-edged silver mirror encrusted with filth on one side, pristine on the other
- A rearing Unicorn with great feathered wings, gray mane, beard, and abnormally large genitalia
- Twin swans, one white and wrapped in lightning, the other black with skulls for pupils
- Horned-headed elf with a jaguar spotted face and eyes full of stars
- A bunch of camusin berries fading from fresh green to bloody red

House Founders
- Feongwahl, the Bleeding Swan
- Toxcatl (tox-cat-al)
- Emmatsien (em-maht-zee-en), the Night Drinker
- Vernestrakahl, Lady of of Filth and Beauty
- Tonacatecuhtli, Lord of Flesh and Food

House Words/Mottos
- “Your Blood is Ours, Ours is All”
- “Eat the Sin to Become Pure”
- “Patient Wrath is Greatest”
- “Ours From Earth to Stars”
- “Let No Enemy Through”

House Blades
- Brer’karn, the Rattle Staff (Flail with many spiked chains)
- Hlal and Magdhi, the High Defenders (Scimitars)
- Dav, the Smoking Mirror (Long blade)
- Aurelia’Kae, the Silver Thorn. (Rapier)
- Ektyarn the Wicked (Lance/Spear)

Finally, from your research of Five years, you have gleaned the following pieces of knowledge

1. The Five Houses are Omektu (the House of Blossoms); a House with a silver mirror for its symbol and the motto “Eat the Sin to Become Pure;” a House with the motto “Let No Enemy Through;” the House whose founder, Emmatsien the Night Drinker used Brer’karn the Rattle Staff; and the House whose weapon is Dav the Smoking Mirror.

2. The Five Founders are Feongwahl whose blade is NOT Ektaryn the Wicked; the Founder whose symbol is a silver-edged mirror; Tonacatecuhtli, Lord of Flesh and Food, whose symbol is NOT a horned headed elf; Toxcatl; and the Founder whose symbol is a bunch of camusin berries and whose motto is “Patient Wrath is Greatest.”

3. Brer’karn the Rattle Staff belongs to either House Xito Poteca or House Zo’laxtl.

4. Vernestrakahl, Lady of Filth and Beauty, and House Tezcal’poca (whose symbol is NOT twin swans), in some order possess Aurelia’Kae or have the house motto: “Ours From Earth to Stars.”

5. Neither House Zo’laxtl nor House Tlazolotl own Ektaryn the Wicked. 

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

Legends of Rokugan on Obsidian Portal

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Posts : 383
Join date : 2014-09-12
Age : 36
Location : Germany

The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle]   The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle] EmptyThu Apr 06, 2017 4:56 pm

For anyone that needs a reminder as to why these elves have such strange names, the Sylvar'rhem and the Duava'rhem are patterned after Aztec and Mayan mythology. All of Merata is patterned after such, to include Tlalo-Ka (the Dragon), the regions, and inhabitants. 

Feathered serpents and jungle elves.

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

Legends of Rokugan on Obsidian Portal
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The Keys to the Five [Logic-Puzzle]
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