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 Interlude Encounter: Mists of Madness [All PCs]

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Interlude Encounter: Mists of Madness [All PCs] Empty
PostSubject: Interlude Encounter: Mists of Madness [All PCs]   Interlude Encounter: Mists of Madness [All PCs] EmptyTue Apr 25, 2017 11:11 pm

The following is an attempt by me to interject in the game with a brief encounter in weeks between games. 

All PCs are welcome to participate as it affects you all. 

If there is little action on this post, I will simply take care of business in game. However, I hope everyone is interested in getting something going. 

I suggest chatting about solutions in FB Messenger and then making posts here. 

The following will take place in the immediate week of travel after discovery of the Obelisk and the gravestone of Zo'laxtl's Founder. 

Interlude Encounter: Mists of Madness [All PCs] 0b3a9110

The Mists of Madness

The Black Expanse is no place for the faint of heart. Between deep bogs belching forth the noxious stench of rotting life and undeath lie the strange mists, thick enough that you can feel it between your fingers. Each day you pass strange life and some unlife, creatures unwilling to approach your dangerous group, but willing to consider the chance. Huge trees bury themselves down in the swamp with roots the size of Creegan wrapping up in impossible, twisted ways. 

The majority of your journey is spent avoiding deep pits, ancient ruins emanating with evil aura, and vile creatures either powerful enough to take you on, or too stupid not to know the difference. 

Yet, every day, every hour, every step of your journey, the pervading mists linger. They block vision and play tricks with the mind in the dim light. You see creatures at their edge that vanish the instant you get near. You feel the palpable heartbeat of the swamp thump-thump-thumping in time to your steps. The Black Expanse is aptly named, for it reflects the black, undead heart of Mik'tek'huatl, the Lady of the Dead. 

Can she see you through such mist? 

Certainly, she must know you are coming, for each day some creature is driven on by madness or command to attack you, though it costs you little effort to dispatch them. Each day a new threat. Each day, one step closer to the heart of the black swamp. 

By the end of that first week you begin to notice a change in the mists. More precisely, you notice a change in how they make you feel. 

The Lady of the Dead's power extends, warped by whatever strange connection she has to the Tower and what lies beyond. That power, that madness, is shared by the denizens of the swamp. 

Its is shared with you. 

On the first day of the second week one of the Spinosauruses bucks, wild and chaotic. It takes an hour to calm it down, only to see it riled up again by end of day. 

The madness is contagious. It affects the weak of mind first and most profoundly. Day two of the second week and the same Spinosaurus abruptly turns and bites the head off its paired Hunapu (lizardfolk) rider. Many are damaged in putting it down. 

The madness spreads. Others begin to buck and growl, made aggressive by the strange mists. You feel it too, playing tricks at the edge of your mind. Loved ones lost to time and calamity appear at the edge of your vision. Old memories of your hubris return and you spend long minutes trapped in them before you realize the illusion. 

You realize that perhaps it is not the mists alone on the third day of the second week. When one of the dinosaurs runs from the camp, terrified by some false perception only it could see, you follow. Hundreds of yards, perhaps half a mile, and the creature is able to be calmed. 

Near you, it only seems to be getting worse. The dinosaurs will likely suffer most. Then the Hunapu riders. Then, perhaps one of you. 



All of you will begin to need to make Sanity checks or potentially suffer in the Mists of Madness. 

I won't roll for all of the dinosaurs and/or lizardfolk, but if they stay near, over time they are bound to fail their rolls and go mad. It is possible that all of the Spinosauruses will go insane at once. 

I will wait to see what you do to alleviate or deal with this threat and respond accordingly. 

Finally, I'm doing this encounter here to keep interest in the game through downtime, but also because I think I might not have time for it in the next game. 

As stated above, if you want to do it in game instead, we can. 

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

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Interlude Encounter: Mists of Madness [All PCs]
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