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 The Doomvault Story

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The Doomvault Story  Empty
PostSubject: The Doomvault Story    The Doomvault Story  EmptySat Nov 25, 2017 3:45 pm

In an effort to keep the D&D game fresh and moving, I want to consider doing the following. Please give it a full read and let me know what you think.

If you would prefer to leave the game entirely as it is and not do this, I am willing to go that route as well. Just know that for the month of December I am going to be highly unreliable (though that isn’t different from recently) because of the move. Once I am in Germany, I will be 7 hours ahead of central time.

Money and the Doomvault
Azas pays adventurers and mercenaries out of Beryl and the Five Jeweled Cities with his significant quantity of gold. He hires them to go ahead into the Doomvault, into different sections, to wreak havoc. He offers to pay them a tidy sum to help do the dirty work he and his band have been hired to accomplish. In addition, he has purchased might war dogs to help complete this task.

Kyle's Post: 
"We get a pack of like 30 war dogs, mastiffs are 25 gp each in the PHB. We teleport them into the Doomvaults and get them all pissed off and just let them loose." (edited out the "we just leave" part)

Azas is going to hire several groups of adventurers to go inot the Doomvaults and hunt for spellcasters. He will pay them 1000g for each spellcaster they are able to kill or capture from the Doomvaults. They must return with the bodies. They can also keep anything they find in the Doomvaults. He will 5,000g for any of the Luminous Cohort leaders that they kill or capture. He will arrange for them to receive ransportation into the Doomvaults, a map of the Doomvaults, information on what threats they will face, a White Key attuned to the Blood Pens, a copy of the sigil of Mentok, they can show it to the vrock and possibly gain assistance.

I plan on using my share to fund the university and fund archeological missions. Perhaps fund a group of archeologists to go to Rhetea.

I'm putting up pretty flyers trying to find out what happened to destroy my village. Offering a reward of whatever I have

An Inventive Mistake
One of the hired groups sent into the Doomvault at Azas’s behest goes toe-to-toe with one of the Lich lieutenants of Tarul Var. They interrupt the Lich as he is experimenting upon a powerful magical creature, seeking to draw out the source of its power.

Realizing they have no chance against such a being, they resort to a last-ditch effort. They throw open a portable hole beneath the lich’s feet. As he rises up, floating out of the foolish trap, their rogue tosses his bag of holding into the pit.

The ensuing explosion rocks the Doomvault to its core. More importantly, it rips open the fabric of the Barrier and allows yet another tendril of Xibalba, the Dying Star, into this world. The impossible being rips his way through an entire section of the Doomvault and uses the connective portals to reach out into the world.

Note: The section is the Far Realm Cysts (see map)

Onyx, one of the Five Jeweled Cities, known for its black markets and less-than-savory offerings, suffers the full brunt of Xibalba’s touch upon the Material World. From the temporary rift into the Doomvault, Xibalba’s tendrils reach out through its portals to the merchant city and unleashes the full might of its madness. The city of Onyx falls to darkness and insanity in an hour.

By the time the gate closes, Onyx is a haunted shell of its former self, riddled with gateways to the Feydark, the Shadow Realm, and the Far Realm. Undeath and impossible creatures haunt its streets and there is no telling what other foul creations now reside within its walls.

Once More Unto the Breach
Magister Gahnak implores the PCs to venture one last time into the Doomvault, not to learn or spy, but to stop whatever other horrific experiments exist within its walls. The Doomvault is in total chaos, the touch of Xibalba setting off all of the experiments. A tenor of fear runs through both the captives and jailers as the Luminous Cohort appear to be seeking a way to escape with as much of their power as possible.

Magister Gahnak informs the characters that once the Doomvault is dealt with, he hopes to send them out to another task.

“Merata and its doings are far more important to us than thought previously. Though we are half the world away, Xibalba’s dark touch strikes at us.” 

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

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The Doomvault Story
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