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 The Guard Post (The Master's Domain) - [Kyle and Logan]

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The Guard Post (The Master's Domain) - [Kyle and Logan] Empty
PostSubject: The Guard Post (The Master's Domain) - [Kyle and Logan]   The Guard Post (The Master's Domain) - [Kyle and Logan] EmptySat Nov 25, 2017 3:45 pm

Split Decision

After the horrific destruction of the Jeweled City of Onyx, Magister Gahnak and his spy master, Syranna, believe that the Doomvault must be shut down and fast. Gahnak believes the Dying Star Xibalba will use the newly opened portal in the Doomvault to wreak more havoc upon the Jeweled Cities if the way is not shut. 

He has asked the characters, whom he refers to still as his Unsubtle Shadow, to venture back in and do their worst. Gahnak promised no tangible reward, but made it known that their actions are perhaps all that stands between the Jeweled Cities and annihilation. 

"Should you succeed, you may lay claim to any reward imaginable my friends. Come back from that despicable place victorious and make your claim."

The Spy Speaks
Syranna, the Luna'rhem (moon elf) spy master in service to Gahnak, provides the characters with new information. While Azas gathered troops and adventurers and sent them in to help disrupt the liches' work, Syranna took one of the keys to her allies and discovered new information. 

"You must reach a place called the Temples of Extraction. All else is support, or side-projects that the Luminous Cohort will use to craft their dark armies. The Temples of Extraction holds the key, the true research, and I believe a terrible secret." 

Syranna runs her hands over her pale face and the haggard look in her eyes says it all. Exhausted, but determined, she looks into your eyes with hers bleary and bloodshot. 

"The only way into the Temples of Extraction is to use the Black Gate keys. I have learned through divination and research that there are only four...and you already have one." She smiles, but there is no mirth. "The key from Tarul Var's room can be taken to a Black Gate anywhere in the vault and used to enter one place..."

The mistress of knowledge continues on relaying to you what she knows of the Black Gates and their Temples: 

  • There are only four Temples of Extraction, each attuned to a specific Black Key. 
  • Syranna believes the other three are located in the Blood Pens, the Master's Domain, and the Ooze Grottos.
  • Tarul Var's (your) key leads to the Temples of Anguish. 
  • The other Temples are called Turmoil, Oppression, and Nature.
  • Some kind of disruption needs to occur to be able to enter the Phylactery Vault, though she doesn't know the specifics of these requirements.

Armed with this knowledge, you made your plans and gathered your tools, then ventured back to the Bloodgate for Syranna to send you once more inside. 

The Dying Star's Chaos
Syranna gathered you together. She spoke the words and held the key. But something went wrong. The world flashed white and for a brief moment, you saw it. The cavernous maw of the Dying Star consuming all in this world and others...

...the light vanished and you returned to the Vault, no longer together. 

The Guard Post (The Master's Domain) - [Kyle and Logan] The_dy10

The Master's Domain
Azas and Noran coalesce into the ten-foot-diameter circle of runs and black onyx fragments that is a Black Gate. The circle exudes wisps of shadowy energy that look like curling black smoke.

As the duo step out of the Black Gate the dimensions of the room open up to them. The oblong chamber is 60' from the south to north, about 30' from west to east. Glowing blue crystals set into the walls and floor light a rough stone cavern. To the south is the Black Gate. On the northeastern wall are a set of twin wood doors reinforced with steel. 

Perhaps most important is the blood. The bodies of five vicious gnolls, their hyena bodies torn asunder by precision strikes, lay about the room haphazardly. A duo of the Luminous Cohort's warrior guardians are dead atop them of similar wounds. They've been stripped of useful gear, weapons, and wealth. 

Also about the room are four dead mercenaries of the Company of the Dead Dog. Their bodies are lain out in neat rows at the northern wall. Standing in front of them is a man and a woman, covered head-to-toe in blood. Between them two war dogs. 

The man steps forward with a smile beneath his bloody face. "Azas! Ha! Is good to see you, but I do wish you brought more blades."

In a matter of moments the situation becomes more clear. Huxley, sergeant of this band of the Dead Dog, and his mute companion Sethit, were teleported into this room mere minutes before Azas and Noran entered. It seems that in activating one of the Black Keys the chaos of the Dying Star triggered a disturbance in the Doomvault. Unfortunately for the Dead Dog warriors, they were dropped square into the fight of this room. 

"We was victorious, but lost too many. Is good to see you. We was just about to open them doors..."

The warrior of the Luminous Cohort had a glyph key attuned to this zone. 

DM Note: 
We will start below, opening the way to the Shard Cavern and moving forward from there. The same teleportation disturbance that sent the Dead Dog here also split you up from Byurik and Noran. You know from the design of the Doomvault that it is unlikely they could have been teleported outside of the Master's Domain entirely. 

I will describe the scene below. You tell me what you're going to do and we'll move on from there. 

In addition, you have Huxley and Sethit, veterans, and two war dogs called Rip and Tear. 

The Shard Cavern
The doors to the next room open easily into a mined cavern. The walls and ceiling of this rough cavern are a mass of rock spines, the floor covered with rock dust and shards. A path has been worn through the rubble, winding between double doors to the west and a rough flight of stairs rising to the larger and lit open space to the east.

There is a cleared path on the ground, ten feet wide. Off this path the room is difficult terrain. The path rises up slowly to the stairs at the other side. The wall at the eastern side is 15' up and the stairs lead up to that region. 

Bonfires lights the room ahead, up past the stairs. Mocking laughter echoes and you can tell the massive chamber holds guests. 

Map Key: 
Azas and Noran are on the Map below as the Green Dot. 

The Guard Post (The Master's Domain) - [Kyle and Logan] Online10

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The Guard Post (The Master's Domain) - [Kyle and Logan]
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