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 First Session [Topaz]

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PostSubject: First Session [Topaz]   First Session [Topaz] EmptyWed Feb 21, 2018 2:54 am

Out of Character (OOC):

The details below are written as a way to further engross us all into the story and keep a log. They are meant to be a brief recounting of the most interesting events in each game. If I leave something out, please let me know and I will edit to add in later.

Feel free to write your own if you wish to do so. In fact, if you keep an in-character journal I may reward you with additional xp or other rewards.

First Session [Topaz] Rokuga10



The Roku-Baden Campaign
Rokugan in Wiesbaden, Germany
A fictionalized account of medieval Japan played in Germany by Americans

1 February 2018

The Characters
-> Togashi Kaku (Mike), an ise-zumi (tattooed monk) of the Dragon with poor relations to his Mirumoto brethren
-> Hida Ao (Steven), a bushi and descendant of the Kami Hida
-> Shosuro Ria (Leia), a Soshi-trained shugenja with a secret from her own clan and own mind
-> Ide Kasumi (Lindsey), a prodigy of the Ide courtier school with a violent streak
-> GM (Chris)

Out of Character (OOC)
This was dedicated to character creation and the formation of ideas. Mike, Steven, Leia, Lindsey, and Chris together crafted the beginning of the game and set the stage for the Test of the Topaz Championship.

In Character (IC)
None at this time.

Experience Awarded:
At character creation each Player was given +1 to any trait at a 2 (not Void) and 2 free skills from a list (Etiquette, Lore: Bushido, Lore: Heraldry, Defense, Investigation).

First Session [Topaz] Topaz_10

The Topaz Armor

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

Legends of Rokugan on Obsidian Portal
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First Session [Topaz]
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