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 Second Session [Topaz]

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Out of Character (OOC):

The details below are written as a way to further engross us all into the story and keep a log. They are meant to be a brief recounting of the most interesting events in each game. If I leave something out, please let me know and I will edit to add in later.

Feel free to write your own if you wish to do so. In fact, if you keep an in-character journal I may reward you with additional xp or other rewards.

Second Session [Topaz] Kakita11

The Kakita Dueling Academy

The Roku-Baden Campaign
Rokugan in Wiesbaden, Germany

A fictionalized account of medieval Japan played in Germany by Americans


6 February 2018
The Characters
-> Togashi Kaku (Mike)
-> Hida Ao (Steven)
-> Shosuro Ria (Leia)
-> Ide Kasumi (Lindsey)
-> Shinjo Konishi (Josh), a sensational horseman and bushi of the ruling Shinjo family with darkness in his soul
-> GM (Chris)

Josh threw his character together pre-game and we got the shindig started.
IC: Test of the Topaz Champion, Day 1

Arrival; Megumi; the Welcoming Ceremony (Gifts and Invitations)

Our samurai heroes arrive to the Crane village of Tsuma to the annual event of the Topaz Championship. By various means, each comes wearing the hope and expectations of their clans and family, for to succeed is to achieve glory for all.

This Test of the Topaz Champion stands at the prologue of catastrophic world events, though few present could be aware of such knowledge. Of the Seven Great Clans, only the Scorpion stand prominent and strong.

The Crab are weary from their never-ending struggle against the darkness of the Shadowlands grown more dangerous in recent years.

The Crane’s beautiful coastline stands ravaged by torturous tsunami and earthquakes as if the fortunes and kami held a grudge.

The Dragon turned inward towards a rising heresy in their ranks, the enigmatic Champion Yokuni less responsive than even previous Dragon Lords.

The Lion feel the hot breath of war from the West as the Unicorn mount up and from the East as the Crane seize politically what the Lion believe is theirs by right. Their Champion, Arasou, died on the battlefield at Toshi Ranbo, struck by an arrow from the Crane Champion herself…


The Phoenix feel the raw energy of the spirit realms and the magic of the kami, twisting and turning in chaos and confusion. They have little time for politics and their neophyte Champion Tsukune may yet be unprepared for her role.
The Unicorn are poised for war, strong in their conviction and military power, eager to test their mettle against the might of the Lion. But their Champion, Shinjo Altansarnai, is no fool, and she knows the cost will be high.
No, it is only the Scorpion who remain strong. Champion Bayushi Shoju’s close friendship with the Hantei Emperor ensures Scorpion in myriad political posts. The Champion’s wife, Kachiko, stands as the Imperial Chancellor, wielding her tempting power with whipcrack fury.

As for our Topaz…
…whispers echo through the halls of power that the Hantei is fast transforming into a puppet of the Bayushi Lord. In their weakened state, the Crane fail to fend off the machination of the Scorpion and stand helplessly by as the Clan of Secrets alters the Topaz foundations. The test has been altered by the Scorpion who say openly the changes will allow other clans to compete more fruitfully. All know that Lady Kachiko will take advantage of every option and rumor of rampant cheating abounds.

Our stage is set and on this treacherous ground do our heroes arrive…

Hida Ao and his mentor, the aged and broken Hida Tsudo, make the arduous trek north from the Great Carpenter Wall. Their fellow Crab contestant, Kuni Fujizaka, arrived much earlier with another mentor, the illustrious Kuni Akira, Governor of the Hito District of Otosan Uchi.

As the Crab came in sight of the village of Tsuma, a curious sight greeted them. At the crossroads knelt a shabby monk, a cricket (perhaps dead) in a cage by his side. Across him a wizened traveler playing a haunting tune upon the flute. The flautist piped in perfect solitude, ignoring the outside world, his long, white hair flowing in the wind. Ao saw the exquisite tattoos upon the monk’s flesh crawling with life.

From the West, a trio of Unicorn rode in ahead of their Clan’s retinue. Led by Shinjo Maja-Kahl, the Master of Horse and a wise sensei, two contestants followed. Shinjo Konishi rode proudly as the Champion’s Choice for his clan, clutching a dark secret to his breast. Behind him, furious and frustrated within her hefted palanquin, the courtier Ide Kasumi brooded over what could have been.

At the crossroads our Crab met with the strange monk, a Togashi called Kaku, and witnessed another strange event. A small wild cat mewed, stuck in the muddy river at the crossroad. With a sharp note, the piper finished his music and chaos erupted. The old man transformed into a flock of white crane. The wild cat grew and grew and grew as the Togashi slid down the banks of the river to help what he thought was an innocent creature.

The Shinjo charged forward and Hida Ao placed himself as bulwark against the crazed enemy. Before the wild beast was slain, it tore into the Dragon and the Ide had come up as well. She stared down into the maw of the supernatural foe and heard the sounds of ten-thousand bloody  warriors in furious combat coming from its maw.

***Player Edits***
(Kon and Hand)

Ide distracted oncoming Lion envoy [Ikoma Ujiaki, the Ikoma family daimyo (lord)] and successfully drew a major part of the army away which made the ensuing negotiations a little easier on the already engaged trio in the River. Hida Ao as the lion was over top of him, saw into the maw of what he would possibly know as Toshigoku.

When the heading in with the Lion to explain to the Crane what had happened. The Crab departed with his sensei, The Shinjo graciously told the lion to "F Off", which left the Ide on the palanquin and the Togashi to explain how magnificent all three combatants were, but especially the Shinjo!

Despite Ikoma Ujiaki’s desire that Ide Kasumi favor the Lion in the retelling of the tale, she minimized their part (appropriately) and drew their ire.

***Player Edits***
In the town of Tsuma, another contestant observed the unusual arrival and chaos with a curious glint in her eye. Shosuro Ria, a Soshi-trained shugenja of deception, ventured out after the others to investigate the strange scene. Unbeknownst to her, the Ide has picked up the piper’s wooden instrument. With her mystical skills, Ria was able to discover a sickness on the air, the kami of water revealing to her a darkness touching Tsuma.

Hours passed…
…our contestants were greeted and given respite, told where they could rest. They would be formally introduced at the Welcoming Ceremony that evening and expected to offer a gift.

Experience Awarded:


Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Added:
-> Megumi (the old white-haired man)
-> Hida Tsudo, broken sensei and diplomat
-> Shinjo Maja-Kahl, mentor of Unicorn, Master of Horse
->  Ikoma Ujiaki, Daimyo of the Ikoma, Lord of the Lion
->  Isawa Ujina, Elemental Master of Void
-> Kakita Toshimoko, the Grey Crane; Master of Ceremonies
-> Bayushi Kachiko, Mistress of Secrets; Imperial Chancellor


 Second Session [Topaz] Topaz_11
Topaz Contestants


C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

Legends of Rokugan on Obsidian Portal

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Posts : 383
Join date : 2014-09-12
Age : 36
Location : Germany

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PostSubject: Re: Second Session [Topaz]   Second Session [Topaz] EmptyWed Feb 21, 2018 11:09 am

Second Session [Topaz] Megumi10

Megumi (the old white-haired man)

Second Session [Topaz] Hida_t10

Hida Tsudo, broken sensei and diplomat

Second Session [Topaz] Shinjo10

Shinjo Maja-Kahl, mentor of Unicorn, Master of Horse

Second Session [Topaz] Ikoma_10

Ikoma Ujiaki, Daimyo of the Ikoma, Lord of the Lion

Second Session [Topaz] Kakita12

Kakita Toshimoko, the Grey Crane; Master of Ceremonies

Second Session [Topaz] Bayush10

Bayushi Kachiko, Mistress of Secrets; Imperial Chancellor 

Second Session [Topaz] Isawa_10

Isawa Ujina, Elemental Master of Void

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

Legends of Rokugan on Obsidian Portal
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Second Session [Topaz]
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