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 Test of the Scholar Q&A [Topaz]

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Test of the Scholar Q&A  [Topaz] Empty
PostSubject: Test of the Scholar Q&A [Topaz]   Test of the Scholar Q&A  [Topaz] EmptyWed Feb 21, 2018 3:08 am

Test of the Scholar Questions and Answers
Question 1: (Lore: Law TN 10) "Your lord has fallen in battle, and there are no priests who can tend to his remains. What do you do?"
Possible Answers (1 Bushido Point): * Burn the body upon a pyre so that his soul can ascend to the heavens to face judgement. * Perform last rites before cremating the body as above. * Defend his body with your life until a priest can be found.
Question 2: (Lore: Bushido TN 10) "As you walk through the city on your way to court, a heimin accidently runs into you, causing you to spill your morning tea all over your best kimono. You will now have to return home to change into a fresh kimono, and will be noticably late for court. How should you punish the heimin?"
Possible Answers (1 Bushido Point): * Any sort of light warning or forgiveness: A samurai shows compassion and mercy to those beneath him, because only the weak must prove their power by dominating others.
Question 3: (Lore: Law TN 10) "The Scorpion have held the Crab city of Rinzuki Toshi for five generations, since they originally captured it during a border skirmish at that time. The Crab launch an unexpected counter-attack, reclaiming the city and its primarily Scorpion holdings and heimin. To whom does the city rightfully belong?"
Possible Answers (1 Bushido Point): * All land within the Empire is owned by the Empress, who permits his Clans to govern it in his name.
Question 4: (Lore: Bushido TN 10) "As you are in the garden having a private talk with your lord, the two of you are attacked by a ninja! The ninja throws a poisoned knife at your lord; what do you do?"
Possible Answers (1 Bushido Point): * Throw yourself in front of the blade; a samurai has no fear of death, for to die in the service of one’s lord is the greatest fate a samurai can hope for. * Deflect the knife with your own blade or spell, for the teaching of your school have prepared you for just such an occassion. * Any other self-sacrificial act that allows the daimyo to live. * Nothing, as ninja do not exist, and therefore your lord is perfectly safe.
Question 5: (Lore: Law TN 15) "Soshi Methula arranges to rent a building from Yasuki Okami, in the hopes of transforming it into one of her Clan's well-respected geisha houses. A month later, just as the building has been renovated, Okami returns to Methula and states that his lord has decided that Okami overstepped his bounds in offering the the building to Methula, and regretfully informs Methula that she will have to vacate the renovated building by the first light of the morning. What legal recourse does Methula have in this situation?"
Possible Answers (2 Bushido Points): * Methula should remain in the building and ask Okami to take the matter to her lord. * A Clan magistrate should be summoned to mediate the dispute.
Question 6: (Lore: Bushido TN 15) "You have risen to a place of honor among your Clan, and have become a wise and respected daimyo. One day, one of your vassals comes to you speaking of a terrible crime that he has committed. Should the crime become public, it will bring shame not just to the vassal, but also to his family, to yourself, and to your Clan. What do you do?"
Possible Answers (2 Bushido Points): * Allow the vassal to commit sepukku, a ritual suicide that cleanses their honor upon their death. This will prevent his shame from affecting any other than himself. * Turn the vassal over to the magstrates and bear the resulting dishonor as best you can; as daimyo, you are responsible for the actions of your vassals, no matter how honorable or dishonorable they may be. * Cast the vassal out as a ronin, and inform the magistrates of his crimes. One as dishonorable as he is clearly not a member of your Clan, and should not be allowed to tarnish its honorable name.
Question 7: (Lore: Law TN 15) "As a reward for your service to your Clan, your lord has appointed you to the position of magistrate. During a routine inspection of travel papers, you discover that a merchant does not have the proper travel papers to be traveling through the lands of your Clan. Because you are nowhere near a border, a number of your fellow magistrates have clearly failed to properly check the merchant's papers. What do you do?" Possible Answers (2 Bushido Points): * Arrange for the merchant to be escorted back to his Clan's borders, then report the failure of your fellow magistrates to your superior, so that they might be properly punished for their failures. * Place the merchant under house arrest while you alert your superior; no magistrate of your Clan would be so lax in their duties, so the merchant is clearly a spy of some sort.
Question 8: (Lore: Bushido TN 15) "In a drunken rage, you cut down an honorable magistrate, becoming a wanted murderer in the eyes of the law. When you sober up, you make preparations to set things right; what should you do with your daisho?"
Possible Answers (2 Bushido Points): * They must be destroyed, for you have allowed shame to come to your soul and honor by your dishonorable act. * Your katana will be set aside as you fall upon your wakizashi, cleansing your lord and family of the dishonor you have brought upon their names.
Question 9: (Lore: Law TN 20) "You have been appointed to the position of magistrate by your lord. One day, you are called to arbitrate a dispute between two samurai. The first samurai, Shiba Rintaro, claims that the second, Bayushi Izumi, murdered his wife while they were attending court at Kyuden Asako last winter. Izumi denies this accusation and instead claims that Rintaro's wife yet lives, but fled from the Shiba after it became known that he had sired a child with an eta woman. Rintaro has testimony from three witnesses claiming that they saw Izumi flee from his room with a bloody knife, while three of Izumi's samurai associates claim that he was with them at a sake house the night the crime occured. What do you do?"
Possible Answers (3 Bushido Points): * Since the incident in question took place in the lands of another Clan, an Emerald Magistrate should be summoned in order to mediate the dispute. * Each samurai has testimony backing up their claims, so the only way to determine which of the men is speaking truthfully is to allow them to face each other in an iaijutsu duel.
Question 10: (Lore: Bushido TN 20) "Your lord becomes drunk one night and comes to your room, confessing to a number of dishonorable acts he has performed since you began to serve him. How do you respond?"
Possible Answers (3 Bushido Points): * Renounce your family name and wander the world as a ronin; life as a wave man is preferable to serving a man with a dishonorable heart. * Speak with your lord once he is sober, asking him to take responsibility for the actions he confessed to you. * Ignore your lord's confession; he is drunk, and sake often causes men to say things they do not mean. At the end of the event, the character with the highest number of Bushido Points takes first place, earning three Topaz Points, the next highest takes second, earning one Topaz Point, and third place earns one Topaz Point as well. In the event of a tie, all characters tied for a given ranking will earn the same number of Topaz Points, without affecting the ranking of any players below them. Additionally, first, second and third place will each earn one bonus xp that may only be spent on Intelligence, Lore: Law, or Lore: Bushido



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Test of the Scholar Q&A [Topaz]
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