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 Fifth Session [Topaz]

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The Roku-Baden Campaign

Rokugan in Wiesbaden, Germany
A fictionalized account of medieval Japan played in Germany by Americans
22 February 2018 – Lindsey’s Birthday Game!
4th Day in the Month of the Sun (Hare)
Year 1121 on the Isawa Calendar
The Glorious Reign of Hantei XXXVIII, the Splendid Emperor
The Characters
->  Togashi Kaku (Mike)
->  Hida Ao (Steven)
->  Shosuro Ria (Leia)
->  Ide Kasumi (Lindsey)
->  Shinjo Konishi (Josh) [absent]
->  Isawa Kanzen (Tim) 
->  GM (Chris)
->  Rolls for Tim and Josh
---->  Tests of the Politician, Warrior, and Sensei (Josh)
->  The Social Network (noted in print)

Fifth Session [Topaz] Storm10

IC: Test of the Topaz Champion, Days 3 and 4
A Bit of Rain
Fearing for the safety of their guests during the unusual storm, the Kakita escort all students into the Kakita Dueling Academy. In this relative safety, they are left in a single large barracks designed for housing Kakita students. The room is sectioned off, but easy enough to access by all. Many conversations and interactions occur throughout the raging thunderstorm. Below are a few highlights.
…Togashi Kaku, the gregarious monk, engaged many individuals in side conversations. The focus of many appeared to be Matsu Aeki and Bayushi Sugai. A plan formed…
…Shosuro Ria, Togashi Kaku, Hida Ao, and Ide Kasumi discussed matching invitations, Sugai and Aeki, Ria gave subtle knowledge to Ao regarding Sugai possessing “two swords” (referring to Matsu Aeki’s missing Akodo Blade), and more…
…Ide Kasumi, the brash courtier, managed to convince the violent (and depressed) Matsu Aeki to withdraw her challenge against Sugai by promising aid to the Lion in the future. Aeki swallowed her pride and stood down, though Sugai certainly took the chance to mock the Lion in the process…
Fifth Session [Topaz] Storm210

Day 4: Tests of the Sensei (morning) and Artist (afternoon)
The aftermath of the sudden and violent thunderstorm revealed Tsuma as a site of devastation. Riverbanks overflowed, high winds and debris ripped apart the weaker buildings thrown up just for the tournament, and the hastily erected Tears of the Blue Sky theater lay in ruins. Prior to the dawn hours, Togashi Kaku ventured out among the populace to aid in the reconstruction, removal of debris, and salvage of what was left. He became a welcome sight to the heimin (peasants) who would work all day to finish the job.
The storm provided opportunity for guests of the Crane to take advantage of their distracted nature:
…Shosuro Ria attempted to sneak into the library of the Kakita Dueling Academy to discover more information about the strange mon on her invitation. Coupled with last night’s knowledge, she knows that a member of the Imperial House of the Otomo invited her specifically to the Topaz…
…Hida Ao searched out his sensei who reveled in the destruction of the fine Crane buildings, “Let them have a taste of the violence we experience every day, Ao-san.” Ao reached out to the sensei on Crab diplomatic techniques and was given advice on how the threat of violence often served better than any carrot…
…Hida Ao confronted Bayushi Sugai regarding the rumor that the Scorpion had two katana in his room, one the stolen Akodo Blade from Matsu Aeki. The Scorpion’s annoyed and shocked reaction was enough for Ao to confirm that the Bayushi had no idea what was going on, but also enough for Sugai to go and check his belongings. In short order he returned to Ao with a wicker basket covered by an old kimono. Within lay the wrapped Akodo Blade and a strange scroll sealed on both ends, meant to be opened. Sugai seemed deeply disturbed that ANYONE would DARE attempt to set him up…
…Ao returned Aeki’s blade and restored her confidence (making a potential ally). Later, he was able to speak with the Phoenix Ishiken, Isawa Kenzan, regarding the matter. The void shugenja communed with the little kami to uncover that the sealed scroll held a violent earth spirit, a trap designed to poison (kill or knock out) Bayushi Sugai and leave him exposed with the stolen Lion sword. The characters’ quick thinking foiled the plot, but uncovered yet another – who would want to set Sugai up? The only clue left was the sure knowledge that the scroll’s magic was crafted by a member of the Dragon alchemist shugenja family, the Agasha…
…Isawa Kenzan spoke briefly with his sensei, the Elemental Master of Void, Isawa Ujina, regarding the strange sightings within the Void. Ujina realized that Kenzan alone could perceive the weird connections because he was himself being touched by the dark force. Ujina warned that Kenzan and the others were being manipulated, though the Master of Void seemed distracted by a problem of his own…
…Ide Kasumi impressed upon Bayushi Sugai that he “owed her a favor” for getting the Lion to back down from the challenge. Though reluctant at first to accept such a claim, Sugai’s understanding that someone was trying to frame him made him easier to deal with; he seemed more amenable to gaining an ally…
…Shosuro Ria met an unusual man in a basket hat wearing an odd fashion of kimono (geometric designs). During their conversation she realized this man was the Otomo (he exposed a fine Imperial kimono beneath his other design) and that he had the power to war against the Scorpion political machine. He spoke of Ria (and his other choice, her “sister” in the Topaz) and said that they must both achieve high accolades, but that he would only accept one for his “mission”…
…Ao sought out the White Wolf and found her at a small noodle stand speaking to a strange man in a basket hat (same as Ria, though Ao does not know). He revealed his found knowledge regarding the invitations: Shosuro Ria and the White Wolf were both given their invitations from a mysterious Otomo. When pressed, the White Wolf suggested that Ao needed to find out more. By way of showing her trust she took him to the alley, removed the wrappings about her face, and revealed a shocking truth…
…Togashi Kaku’s meditations, in light of recent events, made him wary and suspicious of the activities of the Topaz. His Champion seemed to believe that a dark force manipulated the other Contestants and that only Kaku stood as wild card. Given the strange occurrences happening to the others, it seemed that the dark force was well underway. The key seemed to lay in uncovering more about the “twin invitations”…
…Isawa Kanzen, too, felt the connections and over the course of the day heard rumors regarding other Contestants, each affected by what the void shugenja knew to be their social, mental, spiritual, and physical weaknesses (Disadvantages)…


Test of the Sensei is the most popular event for spectators outside of the final Iaijutsu matches. Students set in four groups of four compete to showcase ever more complex kata with whatever weapon they choose. This allowed the students to reveal their martial prowess before all. What makes the event so popular, however, is the fact that students could choose from practice weapons (bokken, et al) or they could choose to attempt a “deadly kata” by using real blades.
In the event, students created their own kata utilizing a series of basic maneuvers: Thrust (Str), Flouris (Ref), Spin (Agi), and Block (Sta). They could keep going for as long as they wanted, though the physical strain worsened with each passing maneuver. For those who chose to use real weapons, their existed the very real possibility of causing permanent injury.
As the servants clean up from the night's stay of the competitors and guests, Kakita Toshimoko makes his way to the front of the stage yet again.
"Good morning honored guests. It would seem that the storm has passed, and you can safely return to your normal lodgings. The fog is a bit thick today, but we expect that the tournament grounds will be fully restored and ready for tomorrow's competition. Our thanks to the actors for showcasing the hospitality of the Crane in times of need, and to thank our guests for dealing with this adversity."
As Toshimoko speaks, the servants bring out a wide variety of weapons.
"In today's competition, the candidates will be showcasing their dojos' training with a wide assortment of kata. Properly executed, a kata is more than a simple military drill, but an exercise in harmony between weapon and wielder. This competition is one of the tournament's favorites, and we hope to share in the wonderment on display."
OOC Note: Actual mechanics for this were complicated and discussed at the table. They will be revealed at the end with all other events in full detail.
The First Group did not fail to live up to the exciting expectations of the crowed. Only Ikoma Shorisuru did not attempt a Deadly kata and both the Crane and Dragon performed with remarkable skill. Isawa Kenzan, however, tried and failed to utilize a wakizashi in a series of dangerous moves. Instead, a slip during a spin saw the Phoenix stab himself deep through the back of his own leg. Healed of the damage by Asahina shugenja, the Isawa was forced to forfeit and may live on with permanent injury (Lame).
1.      Mirumoto Tomoe (3pts) [Deadly]
2.      Kakita Himeko (2pts) [Deadly]
3.      Ikoma Shorisuru (1pt)
4.      Isawa Kenzan (0pts) [Deadly]
The Second Group all performed deadly kata, being a group of four bushi with wildly different training style. Though the arrogant Bayushi Sugai achieved great results, even flicking his own sweat onto a swooning courtier, it was Hida Ao and his whirling tetsubo that stole the show.
1.      Hida Ao (3pts) [Deadly]
2.      Bayushi Sugai (2pts) [Deadly]
3.      Shiba Tadamo (1pt) [Deadly]
4.      Shinjo Konishi (1pt) [Deadly]
The Third Group performed with adequate results, the bushi ronin, the White Wolf, taking first in an expected victory.
1.      White Wolf (3pts) [Deadly]
2.      Shosuro Ria (2pts)
3.      Ide Kasumi (2pts)
4.      Kuni Fujizaka (1pt)
The Fourth Group held interesting events, not all seen by the public. Togashi Kaku was approached by an elder Daidoji and offered a bribe of 100 Koku if he would but allow Daidoji Sai some measure of victory. In the end, Kaku had intended to push himself beyond limit, but the strands of fate tugged hard and angrily causing him to throw his staff into the crowd with the first move. The most remarkable end to this event, however, was the showing of Matsu Aeki. Newly resolved with her returned blade, Aeki took Hida Ao’s routine and matched it point for point; then, at the end, she made one final push and by the fortunes’ favor managed to outscore all other opponents.
1.      Matsu Aeki (3pts) [Deadly/Top Scorer]
2.      Toku (2pts) [Deadly]
3.      Daidoji Sai (1pt) [Deadly]
4.      Togashi Kaku (0pts)

More to Come!
Test of the Artist (Music!)
Fight Club!
A rumor abounds of a series of tunnels located beneath Tsuma, discovered by a student. Invitations go out to any students who dare to join in the evening, after all other festivities, and engage in a round of bouts away from the prying eyes of others.
Experience Awarded:
-> 5xp
-> Honor
o Ao (Aiding a “wounded” enemy; halved) +3
o Kasumi (Aiding a “wounded” enemy; halved) +3
o Togashi Kaku (for Compassion and aiding peasants)) +4
-> Glory
o  Togashi Kaku +2 Glory for Compassion (aiding peasants)
Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Added:
-> The Basket Hat Man

Fifth Session [Topaz] The_ba10

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

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Fifth Session [Topaz]
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