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PostSubject: 100 Points    100 Points  EmptySun Apr 08, 2018 4:56 am

Below are the final outcomes of the 100 Points expenditure I gave each player to help determine the themes and ideas explored in the game moving forward.

I will not use them exclusively, but instead as a guide-post for the overall game. I will also take into account what each player chose as their primary (top 3) and try to make their own personal stories focus down that route.

100 Points

Corruption: 115
Exploration: 107
Politics: 85
Tragedy: 75
Mystery: 65
Mystical: 53
War: 50
Puzzles: 35
*Aliens: 20
*Space: 10

*These may only appear in Josh’s inner game world.

Character Choices (Top)

Steven: Corruption(20)/Puzzles(15)/War(15)
Mike: Exploration(40)/Politics(20)/Mystical(20)
Leia: All (15)
Josh: Corruption(40)/Exploration(20)
Lindsey: Politics(30)/Tragedy(30)/Exploration(20)
Tim: Puzzles(20)/Mystery(20)/Corruption(15)

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

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