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 Social Networking - Glory, Status, and More

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Social Networking - Glory, Status, and More  Empty
PostSubject: Social Networking - Glory, Status, and More    Social Networking - Glory, Status, and More  EmptySun Apr 08, 2018 11:52 am

Social Networking, Glory, Status, and More
Important samurai gather at Tsuma to see the best and brightest of this year (1121) compete against once another. A wise samurai takes every opportunity to build bridges with these influential samurai (and their fellow contestants). 
Every day, each PC was allowed to make a single Awareness/Courtier TN 15 roll targeting one of the samurai at the event. On success, the PC gained 1 Networking Point, plus 2 points for every raise successfully made. For a failed roll, the PC received a negative Networking Point towards that individual (-2 for each failed raise). 
Each PC could instead choose to talk down another character or NPC and cause that character to receive negative points towards one NPC. 
GM Note: In order to make this more interesting, I have taken liberties on how to parse the results, though I have made them as close to one another as possible. 
Steven/Hida Ao:
Topaz Points: 26
This results in Hida Ao gaining +2.6 Glory (1 box per point). He also gains a permanent Status increase of +0.5 above whatever his traditional status would be (up to Status 6). This means that if he is given a position with a Status 4, he actually has 4.5. This signifies other samurai recognizing his superior abilities in the Topaz Championship. 
Mike/Togashi Kaku:
Tomoe (to look bad) (9 points)
Topaz Points: 18
This results in the former Mirumoto Tomoe, now ronin, losing -9 boxes of Glory due to Kaku's remarks about her infamous and dishonorable behavior. She is shamed in the courts and loses additional Glory, gains the Social Disadvantage (Ronin), has her Status drop to 0.0, and is cast out of the Dragon clan.
Kaku also gains +1.8 Glory for the Crane Clan (his glory was promised to them as sponsors). This results in a special outcome (see: Topaz Endings).
Leia/Shosuro Ria: 
Sugai: +6
Kachiko: +6
White Wolf: +3
Topaz Points: 15
This results in Shosuro Ria gaining +1.5 boxes of Glory. In addition, she gains her twin as an Ally 2/2 (White Wolf). Additionally, her connection with Sugai is strengthened by her successful words to the court. Sugai works to repay her kind words with a Servant (Attendant). This attendant is almost certainly a spy for the Bayushi, but is also remarkably skilled at the vagaries of the court.
Finally, Ria’s words towards Kachiko and her remarkable finish (especially in comparison to Sugai) grants her the Darling of the Court (Kachiko’s Court) advantage. Normally, Darling of the Court only works in one location. However, this modification allows the advantage to work in any court where Bayushi Kachiko resides.
GM Note: You name the attendant, who grew up in the Bayushi household and possesses Awareness 3, Etiquette (Conversation) 3, and Calligraphy 2. All other relevant Traits are at 2.
Lindsey/Ide Kasumi: 
Kakita Toshimoko: +1
Kakita Himeko: -7
Bayushi Kachiko: +7
Shinjo Maja-Kahl: +9
Bayushi Sugai: +3
Ide Barudo (Master of Medinaat al-Salaam): +5
Topaz Points: 18
This results in Ide Kasumi gaiing +1.8 boxes of Glory. In addition, she gains Correspondence with Kakita Toshimoko, who shows particular interest in her abilities with the blade and her rise through the courts. She also gains Favor 3 (Bayushi Kachiko) (see below) and Ally 2/1 (Ide Barudo). Shinjo Maja-Kahl’s influence is seen elsewhere (see: Topaz Endings).
Kakita Himeko is annoyed at the rumors circulated throughout the court by Kasumi (her failed attempt to draw the Kakita as an ally). Moreover, the fact that Kasumi defeated Himeko in the Iaijutsu draws no end of hard feelings. Kasumi gains Enemy (Kakita Himeko) (see below).
GM Note: You may note that your 7 points with Kachiko only amounted to a single favor. However, considering the power of you target, this is far superior to other advantages. Kachiko is the wife of the Scorpion Champion and holds the title of Imperial Chancellor. A minor favored owed is a great gift indeed.
Josh/Shinjo Konishi:
Hida Ao: Net -1
Topaz Points: 19
This results in Hida Ao losing one box of Glory because of his association with Shinjo Konishi. Though the results of Konishi's actions are not widely publicized, any who speak of him do so in hushed, angry tones. 
Shinjo Konishi gains +1.9 boxes of Infamy instead of Glory. He also carries the spirit of Yajinden with him wherever he goes. 
Tim/Isawa Kenzan:
Hida Ao +1
White Wolf +1
Tadamo -1
Tadamo +1
Topaz Points: 13
This results in Isawa Kenzan gaining +1.3 Glory for his exploits after the Topaz Championship. Additionally, because the White Wolf survived, he gains the Correspondence Advantage (see below) with her and speaks to her at least once a year. You can increase the connection of this advantage in the future if you wish. 
New Advantages
Ally: Reminder
This advantage is in the Core book. The first number before the slash is the level of Influence that Ally possesses. The second number after the slash is the Devotion they hold to you.
Correspondence (Social) [1 point]
You have become friends with someone else in Rokugan, though it is possible you have never met. Pick a character from another clan as your correspondent, subject to GM approval. The two of you write letters to one another often, keeping one another abreast of current events in your respective provinces. Not only does this provide a great source of information about areas of Rokugan you may never visit, but if your letters are well-written, your correspondent may come to consider you a close ally or confidant. 
There is only one drawback: if you take longer than a month to reply to a letter, this advantage may be lost. You may try to reestablish communication, but only with a good letter and a good reason for the break in communication. Otherwise, something fundamental in your relationship has been lost. 
GM Note: It is important to realize that samurai typically do not travel outside of their provinces very often. Moreover, duties and responsibilities keep you focused inward, on your own provinces. This means that without official travel, correspondence is one of the only ways you can learn about other activities in the Empire. Well, that and rumor. 
This is different than the Allies advantage. You may not ever communicate with your ally, but you will not lose them. They consider you a friend or ally forever. Correspondents may not ever help you other than giving you knowledge. 
Enemy (Social) [1 point]
A Sworn Enemy despises you and will stop at nothing to see you fall. The more intense version, Nemesis, connects this hatred to your Kharmic Soul.
Enemy is different. This is a minor disadvantage that suggests you have annoyed someone enough to draw their ire, but not enough for them to expend too great an effort. For the purposes of game play, this individual feels that they “owe you one” and when they get a chance, they will act upon this minor vengeance. The different between this and Sworn Enemy is that unless the issue escalates (and it very well could) once your Enemy enacts their one-time vengeance, you lose the Disadvantage and all is done. Consider this similar to the Obligation Disadvantage.
Favor (Social) [+3/+6]
Favor is the opposite of the Obligation Disadvantage. You are owed a favor by someone (who owes you an obligation in turn).
See Obligation for levels of favor (minor/major).

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Social Networking - Glory, Status, and More
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