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 House Rules and More

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PostSubject: House Rules and More   House Rules and More EmptySun Apr 08, 2018 11:53 am

New Advantages
Ally: Reminder
This advantage is in the Core book. The first number before the slash is the level of Influence that Ally possesses. The second number after the slash is the Devotion they hold to you. 
Correspondence (Social) [1 point]
You have become friends with someone else in Rokugan, though it is possible you have never met. Pick a character from another clan as your correspondent, subject to GM approval. The two of you write letters to one another often, keeping one another abreast of current events in your respective provinces. Not only does this provide a great source of information about areas of Rokugan you may never visit, but if your letters are well-written, your correspondent may come to consider you a close ally or confidant. 
There is only one drawback: if you take longer than a month to reply to a letter, this advantage may be lost. You may try to reestablish communication, but only with a good letter and a good reason for the break in communication. Otherwise, something fundamental in your relationship has been lost. 
GM Note: It is important to realize that samurai typically do not travel outside of their provinces very often. Moreover, duties and responsibilities keep you focused inward, on your own provinces. This means that without official travel, correspondence is one of the only ways you can learn about other activities in the Empire. Well, that and rumor. 
This is different than the Allies advantage. You may not ever communicate with your ally, but you will not lose them. They consider you a friend or ally forever. Correspondents may not ever help you other than giving you knowledge. 
Enemy (Social) [1 point]
A Sworn Enemy despises you and will stop at nothing to see you fall. The more intense version, Nemesis, connects this hatred to your Kharmic Soul. 
Enemy is different. This is a minor disadvantage that suggests you have annoyed someone enough to draw their ire, but not enough for them to expend too great an effort. For the purposes of game play, this individual feels that they “owe you one” and when they get a chance, they will act upon this minor vengeance. The different between this and Sworn Enemy is that unless the issue escalates (and it very well could) once your Enemy enacts their one-time vengeance, you lose the Disadvantage and all is done. Consider this similar to the Obligation Disadvantage. 
Favor (Social) [+3/+6]
Favor is the opposite of the Obligation Disadvantage. You are owed a favor by someone (who owes you an obligation in turn). 
See Obligation for levels of favor (minor/major).

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House Rules and More
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