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 The Fate of Others (NPCs of Topaz)

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PostSubject: The Fate of Others (NPCs of Topaz)   Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:32 pm

The Fate of Others (NPCs)
The fate of others will come up in the game as necessary. You may attempt to discern what happened to these others if you wish to try to do so.
Kuni Hito (Fujizaka)
Daidoji Sai
Kakita Daihime (Himeko)
(Mirumoto) Tomoe
Matsu Ao (Aeki)
Ikoma Katsu (Shorisuru)
Shiba Noriwaru (Tadamo)
Bayushi Tomaru (Sugai)

Otomo Kagami (The White Wolf)


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The Fate of Others (NPCs of Topaz)
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