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 Character Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Character Creation Rules   Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:44 am

The Lion Game:
Pride: A War of the Self
“The war never ends.”

Character Creation Rules
We are going to start off by making Insight Rank 3 characters for the Lion game.  I intend for this game to go longer than the other clan games.  This depends partially on how involved we get with it and how well we are enjoying the format.  Please note that this game will likely NOT be able to be ported directly over to an Adventure, which is part of the reason for doing the Clan-Based Games.  However, I think I can get some good mileage out of the story and work backwards, once done.
Base XP: 150

Bonus XP:
You will gain +20 xp for character creation after completing background details (listed below).

Advantage Limit
: +15 Max (does not count Ancestors)

Disadvantage Limit:
-10 Max (you may take more, but will not gain points for them)

  • Disadvantage Note: Each game “session” you will be able to gain +1 xp when/if a Disadvantage enters play in a notable fashion.

Skill Maximums:

  • You may not have more than 2 skills above 4 at the start.

  • You may not have any skill above 5 without extreme reason (Great Potential, et al).

Skill Minimums: Your character must have a total of 10 Skill points in any combinations of the following skills:

  • Battle, Lore: Heraldry, Lore: Bushido, Lore: History, Games: Go, Games: Shogi, Sincerity (Honesty), Storytelling (Bragging)

Heritage Table:

  • You may roll on the Heritage Table in the back of the Great Clans book (Lion section) two times for free and keep one of the results.  If neither are to your liking, you may discard both. You will use the Dice Roller Program for these rolls so that I can see that everyone understands how to use the program.

  • Note: Anything that states “A Free Rank” in a skill grants +2xp towards raising that skill. This means it won’t bring you from 5 to 6 for free.

Special Notes:

  • You may choose one Honor-Based Advantage (GM discretion as to what applies) and pay 3 less XP for it.

  • You may choose one of your Honor-Based Disadvantages as your Special.  When this one comes into play, you gain +3xp instead of +1xp.

  • The following Advantages and Disadvantages are suggested/promoted, but there is no discount for them:

  • ----Lion Ancestors, Sacred Weapon, Leadership, Paragon of Honor, Virtuous, Sacrosanct, Higher Purpose

  • ----Deathseeker, Blackmail (Ancestor’s Deed or your own), Phobia: Combat, Failure of Bushido, Driven

  • All bushi gain +1xp XP to purchase a Kata OR you may purchase the Strength of the Lion Kata for only 1xp total.

  • The Lion clan, like others, has felt the shifting cosmology of Meifumado and the merging of the Spirit Realms. Like the other clans, they have felt a stronger connection to the spirit world because of this.  However, the Lion hold so closely to certain aspects of the former Spirit Realms that you may not freely take ANY Kiho or Spell, but must find a way to tie in your choice to either the Realm of Blessed Ancestors (Yomi) or the Realm of Slaughter (Toshigoku).

  • ----Please note that because of the Traditionalist nature of the Lion, I would like you to explain in some detail how and where you learned how to use your choice, if you pick one.


Random Character Ideas:

  • Feel free to ignore these and make what you like.

  • Unrelenting Loyalty to the Emperor, the Clan, Family, the Code (Idealistic?)
  • Use of an Ancestor to justify personal beliefs (Ikoma, Kitsu, others)

  • Conflicted beliefs in the Code of Bushido
  • Pragmatic views hidden behind perceived adherence to the Code (Perceived Honor?)
  • Manipulation of other’s honor for personal ends
  • Glorious Membership/Herosim (Great Destiny, Social Position: Imperial/Steel Legions, Legion of the Black Lion)

General Story Notes
This game is going to be about a multitude of things, but primary amongst them are War, Honor, Pragmatism, and the conflict between all three.  Conflicted Honor, in one form or fashion, is going to end up coming into play for each character in a variety of ways.  Lion are the most traditional, staunch defenders of the Code of Bushido. They are like a group of Paladins each with their own views on how their rigid code of conduct should be followed.  Your characters will likely all be quite honorable (in some cases, maybe not), but Akodo calm rationality is a far cry from Matsu aggressiveness. 
The story begins only a few years after the ignoble defeat of the Lion by the Unicorn. The Clan of the Wind took command of two of the Lion’s most steadfast holdings. The Khan returned Shiro sano Ken Hayai (The Castle of the Swift Sword) as it is the traditional home of the Kitsu and one of the most renowned dojo of the Akodo family.  However, the Emperor allowed the Unicorn to keep Toshi no Meiyo Gisei (the City of Honor’s Sacrifice) in the final peace treaty.  The Lion took a great deal of resources from the Unicorn (to include a gaijin book called De Bellis Yoditorum), but the slight to their honor was enormous and felt throughout the clan as a whole.
The Imperial Edict of Limited Warfare causes the Lion to chafe under what they perceive as a restriction which hurts them the most.  They have the largest, most well-trained armies in the Empire and are heavily restricted in their use.  Over the years, the Lion have engaged in hundreds of War Games to release the tension, but threats by the Unicorn in court, mockery behind their backs, whispered gossip and rumor all combine to fill the Lion with rage.
The Emperor Tadaka II calls a former Lion Champion (Matsu Nimuro) his father. Other than allowing for greater numbers of Lion into the Imperial Legions, however, the Tadaka Dynasty has done little in the way of favoring its former clan.  Some Lion consider this honorable, a true neutrality on the part of the Emperor, and required.  Others see this as a blatant disregard for heritage and tradition.  Why should other clans benefit from limited warfare while the Lion are held back from using their full strength.
One of the only outlets for the Lion aggression is the Legion of the Black Lion.  This force was created by Tadaka I (Matsu Nimuro) in order to aid the Crab in their ever-present war against the Shadowlands. The near-1,000 soldiers who comprise this Legion shift regularly, but always return to Lion lands veterans, skilled in strange new styles of combat, ready to offer their insights to the Clan of Tradition.
Specific Story Notes
An Akodo Lord (Name) recently engaged in a hard-fought battle on the border between Unicorn and Lion territory has been shamed.  His army fit perfectly into the restrictions of Limited War and found itself quite hard-pressed against a similarly sized Unicorn force.  Other Lion commanders waited in the wings to leap into the fray when possible, but the Akodo Lord wished to give no impression of violation of the Imperial Edict.
To an outside observer, the end of the battle appeared to be an outright disaster for the Akodo Lord. One impetuous young Matsu warlord sent forth her armies into the fray, unwilling to stand by with a “perfectly trained force” while his clansmen died.  The unexpected intrusion ended the battle immediately.  The Unicorn were slain, none presumed to have escaped.  The Akodo was saved and the Matsu glorified in her decision.

The impetuous commander’s decision was a clear violation of the Imperial Edict of Limited Warfare. Moreover, the perceived weakness of the Lion was an illusion crafted by the Akodo to defeat his enemy.  The Akodo Lord is positive he would have finished off the Unicorn force on his own if left to finish his plan. 
Despite that there were no survivors, the honor of the Lion has been slighted.  The Akodo believes the Matsu commander to have clearly violated the Imperial Edict.  The Matsu disagrees. She states that her entrance was the start of a new battle as the Akodo force had obviously been defeated.  Moreover, her supporters argue, the Edict of Limited War are being violated by other clans all the time. A single slip by the Lion can be allowed.
A War of Conflicted Honor has begun.  Voices on both sides of the conflict ring out and the Clan of Akodo is on the verge of tearing itself apart.  Multiple factions are arguing amongst themselves as to how to interpret the Emperor’s Edict, how to live within its constraints, and how to find proper uses for the Lion forces without fielding too-large armies. One side proclaims that the Lion should exercise discretion, engaging in battle only when needed.  Another claims that with the size of the Lion forces, the clan could easily engage in multiple different battles against multiple clans all at the same time.  Each clan could feel the wrath of the Lion in small doses and the Lion would never run out of troops or resources.
Tempers flare. Lion turns against Lion. Rage is tightly restrained behind the barriers enforced by the Code of Bushido.  Moreover, in the Lion Holy Places, the Ancestors clamor and roar out for vengeance, for rigid adherence to the Code, and the former peace felt by listening to said spirits can no longer be felt. 

  • Conflicts of Honor
  • Pragmatism v. Honor
  • Rigid Traditionalism
  • The Touch of Slaughter (Toshigoku’s influence felt)


  • Click this link, then Games by Clan to find the Lion Game.


Logistics of Play by Forums:
This game is going to be unusual in that we will have each “session” taking place purely in the forums.  This allows people to come in and post whenever they happen to have the time.  However, it can create a somewhat disjointed feel for the game.  It is going to be a work-in-progress, to be sure, so please bear with me.  Additionally, your advice is more than welcome!
Dice Rolling

  • ----Register a Name on the Website

  • When you make a Roll

  • ----Use your Character Name as your Name

  • ----Use Pride as your Campaign Name

  • ----Look below the Dice Roller to see how to Roll Properly (You can absolutely set it to automatically Reroll 10s, 1s, so on and so forth).

  • An Example:

  • ----The following shows me fucking around trying to get 10k10+6 to work.  You will note that each time I hit Roll Dice, it counted.  This prevents anyone from just hitting Roll Dice until they get a good result because I can go back and make sure they did not do so.

The game will be played out in Scenes.  Because each scene is going to vary in time, we will not have a hard-and-fast rule as to what happens within it unless there is a reason that a time-sensitive approach should be used.

Major Scenes: These are going to be ones that the GM sets up as big conflicts in the game.  Court Battles, Duels, Mass Battle, and other things like this will take place in Major Scenes. These will end when the GM states the scene is over.

Minor Scenes: These are more common and mutable.  They could be quick conversations back and forth between a few characters and NPCs.  They might be started by the GM or the players.  These will begin and end according to the common sense of the scene. 

Cut Scenes: These take place out of the normal sequence of events.  Using these scenes will allow the players and the GM to get quality RP scenarios in the game without having to violate the normal sequence of the game.  Basically, these are going to be my excuse for getting things done when the normal play progression is slowed down by responses. 

Time Sensitivity: If a scene begins to take place which has a time-sensitive nature, the GM may place a limitation on Real-Life Time to respond.  This will only happen in the most difficult of circumstances and is intended to prevent the game from bogging down just because one player was unable to log on for a time.

Other Characters
I may be willing to allow you to play more than one character if you end up as a player far more involved than some others.  This would allow you to come on and take up multiple roles while not overwhelming the game with a single character.  This will be limited dependent on the people playing, the progression of the game, and other factors.
The game will be played out in basic scenes.  Each will likely take place in a specific location that will either be described or already exists somewhere in the books. 

This section will be expanded as the game progresses.

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Rules   Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:04 am

Background Information

You will need to present a detailed background for your character in order to get the +20xp bonus for character creation.

Please detail your character's purpose, each of their advantages and disadvantages that require further information, and generally answer the 20 questions located in the front of the Core Book.

Also, please relate some detail of your character's view of Bushido in general and whichever tenets you consider most important in specific.

Finally, please do the following to help flesh out random aspects of your character:

  • Choose at least one item of equipment and give it background.  It is non-magical, but has meaning.
  • Describe one element of your ancestry relating to a Lion hero in your line. 
  • Determine your character's bloodline. Are you of a vassal family (buke), royal blood of one of the major family lines (kuge), or something different?
  • Try to tie in one of your character's qualities with another.  You could choose a skill, Emphasis, Trait, Ring, Adv/Disadv, or some other aspect of your character sheet and pick something else on another character's sheet. An example: Ikoma Jippon has Great Potential (Storytelling) and his fellow PC Matsu Ittoko has high ranks in Kenjutsu.  Jippon's player decides that he has met Ittoko at some point in Matsu lands where he regaled a guntai with great stories of kenjutsu, tales of heroes who were masters with the blade.  Ittoko remembers the bard's tales and is generally impressed by him. 

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

The wisest words fit into pithy sayings.

Legends of Rokugan on Obsidian Portal
Arsenal on Obsidian Portal
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Character Creation Rules
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