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 Karma Points

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PostSubject: Karma Points   Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:58 am

This game will continue the use of the Karma Point System.

Each player will begin with 2 Karma Points.  You may gain additional Karma Points for a variety of reasons, but the most common are when you help flesh out the game (i.e. you help create NPCs, backstory, situations/scenarios, and so on) or when you perform so spectacularly in the game that it just warrants an award outside of XP.

You may use Karma Points for the following, but please consider other options for their use throughout the game:

  • Reroll one roll for yourself or allow another PC to do so (+1k1 to the Roll)
  • Force an NPC to reroll (-1k1 to the Roll)
  • Gain +7xp (may not be used at Character Creation).
  • Awaken a nemuranai of a comparable level to a Sacred Weapon plus a little. (I will approve this).

The nemuranai awakening will be an item that you have either had in the game for a long time, has undergone some special circumstances, or is one that has some deeper meaning to the game. It is not meant to create random mechanical items that you can use for Meta Purposes. 

An example:
- Akodo Rosa has carried around a special set of prayer beads since the Battle of Felled Trees.  The beads were made from the bark of one of the trees burned in a great conflagration in the middle of the battle.  They were carved by his Kitsu ally and blessed at the Hall of the Ancestors before the shrine to the legendary hero Matsu Hitomi.  When the Kitsu died in a later battle, his dying wish was for Rosa to carry the beads. 
- The Kitsu's player awakened the item with his last Karma Point before he died.  It grants a free void point per day which  can only be spent in duty to the Lion.  When the void point is spent, Rosa adds his Honor to the end result of the roll.  Also, it grants a Free Raise on any roll which involves the Void Ring.

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Karma Points
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