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 Bright Wind Geisha House, Evening II

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PostSubject: Bright Wind Geisha House, Evening II   Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:11 pm

Kyle Patrick Smith
The Bright Wind Geisha House had become one of the stomping grounds for the Juramashii district administrators. The ronin tax collector known as Spectre, the Hare magistrate Usagi Kinotu, the socialite artisan Doji Ejio and the swordsmith executioner Ashidaka Koutetsu had made the prominent house a part of their regular schedule. The house expected them and had a room reserved for their entertainment the night Koutetsu arrived. The okasan escorted them to a second story room with a window view facing east towards the Forbidden City. Amonst the entertainers was Ohana and other beautiful yet familiar faces. Sake flowed freely as did the music as the biwa, koto and shamisen were played with spectacular performance. Koutetsu settled in with a top shelf Taka label sake, a pile of cushions and the promise of release from his worldly woes.

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu walked in wearing his normal attire robed bearing his clan colors with the mon of a magistrate on his right arm, the only difference was that his sleeves were a bit longer than normal and went past his hands. He was escorted to their reserved room where good company and sake awaited him. Upon entering the room, he bowed to Koutetsu before sitting,"Ashidaka-sama, it is good to see you again. How have you been?"

Jason Weeks
Ejio never looked up. Despite his guests arriving, despite the music and the conversation that begged his attention, he never looked up. Instead, he continued to carve away at a tiny piece of wood, the detail unable to be seen from across the room and there was good reason to doubt it could be seen even from where the Crane artisan sat. Instead, his fingers just continued to work without pause while his eyes stared at the object unseeing.

Charlie Lane
Yup, Eijo might have finally gone off the deep end....

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Each day here is an exercise in futility," the Crane swordsmith mused. "Though in each day I have reasons to thank the Fortunes. For that, I am happy."
He inclined his head to Kinotu as he raised his sake cup. Despite all his woes he seemed less stressed than their last night out. Koutetsu smiled and sipped from his cup as he eyed Ejio from the corner of his eye.
"Yourself, Kinotu-san?"

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu raised his hand to brush dome of the hair out of his face. As the sleeve fell down, it revealed that his hand was completely bandaged tight all the way down to the elbow, "Better. Eliminating one threat to the district gives me great pride and pleasure in my duties as magistrate. The district will no longer be plagued by the cultists, from that particular cell that we've been investigating at least." Kinotu picked up his sake cup in both hands as his other hand was bandaged in a similar manner and it seemed somewhat difficult to hold the cup even then. Kinotu tried to present himself with as much dignity as possible. "I have something to discuss with the two of you and Spectre as well once he arrives. This involves district security and the well being of it's people. I would also like to add that what I am about to propose would greatly benefit all that are involved. As I understand it Koutetsu, it is your duty to execute peasants that have been recently causing troubles near the dark passage where wall repairs are taking place. From what I can gather this stems from the Governor taxing the peasantry more to build the wall instead of repairing the fields that are being devastated by bandits and other lawless types that trample through the fields in the night to go through that passage. This seems to be a vicious cycle between the governor and the people of which you and Spectre are caught in the middle with you being the executioner and him being the tax collector. I have a plan that my be able to solve each of our individual problems and gain us favor with the Governor, including Ejio-sama. " Kinotu glances over to the artist deep in concentration. "I don't believe I have fully thanked you for supporting my family in this marriage. My family and I thank you and we are all in your debt, quite literally as well as figuratively. " Kinotu bows deeply to the artisan.

Jason Weeks
Ejio's hands stopped, his eyes flitting between his Crane brother, the Hare, and the ronin who were all now in the room. He tried to recall what had been said but could only remember Kinotu's words. Hopefully nothing else important had slipped past his notice while he was lost to the world. He took a deep drink of the sake that had sat in front of him for apparently too long and slipped on his friendly face.
"Think nothing of it, Kinotu-san. You benefited, I benefited, Hayasu benefited. It is the best of situations and I am glad to be a part of it. Have a seat, have a seat! Let us partake of the entertainment while we discuss our roads."

Kyle Patrick Smith
"In my youth I recall the smallfolk saying the only two guaranteed things in life are death and taxes," the lordling spoke. He gave Kinotu a solemn nod before he took a deep drink from his sake cup. It burned going down and numbed him: it made drinking easier and talking smoother. "With the Executioner and Tax Collector taking a central role on the central Juramashii stage, its easy to paint us as the villains of this grim kabuki play we call life."
He gestured to Kinotu before he glanced to Ejio. "So, tell me your thought process, Kinotu-san," Koutetsu mused. "Enlighten us as to how we can lighten the weight of the situation we have found ourselves in. I'd no sooner find myself on a hangman's noose due to an angry mob but no one can deny tensions are high."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu takes another sip of his sake before continuing. He enjoyed this particular brand very much, and it began to slowly numb the pain in his hands the more he drank. "The peasantry have lost faith in the Governor. They now think that they no one else to turn to but themselves to alleviate their situation which has caused them to lash out against their oppressor. We need to give them something to believe in, someone who is higher in the celestial order than the Governor that the people can relate to. My proposal is that we erect a statue of Inari, the Fortune of Rice, near the entrance of the dark passage near the fields in plain sight of the peasantry as they work. This can be the focus of their hopes, but it must be sincerely supported by actual people. I ask that Ejio craft a statue of Inari and have it presented publicly, and have the unveiling supported by the Governor, Koutetsu, and Spectre. Aftetwards, Koutetsu and Spectre will go to the statue to make offerings and prayers to the Fortune everyday that the fields be restored. If there are peasants at the statue when you arrive, invite them to pray with you to show your tenet of Compassion. They need to know that you aren't the villains and you genuinely care about their plight. At the very least, this will improve your face with the people and hopefully quell some of their hostilities. Who knows, Inari might actually hear your prayers and cast her blessings upon the fields and make them strong again. Perhaps we could have a shugenja bless the statue and the fields as well during the grand unveiling. Now there may be the other group working against the governor that sneak through the passage and destroy the fields. They might try to destroy or deface the statue by the command of their leader. This is where Koutetsu and I come in, and Spectre as well if he so wishes. We will be stationed for ambush at the statue and in the dark passage awaiting the villains that try to make their way into the city. We must try to capture them if we can and publicly execute them so that they are painted as the villains and not you. Spectre will be needed to calm the peasantry about the taxes situation until the plan has reached completion. If the fields do get blessed by Inari then we have more long term success and Ejio-sama can attest that his art has been blessed by a fortune thus increasing his glory and appeal to those that would want his art. This plan would have to be approved by the Governor of course. I would very much like it if Ejio-sama would be there to help us present plan to Kaiu-sama. Even though you are more fluent with art, the Kakita artisan is still the most capable of us with actual words and influence. Should this plan bear fruit and succeed, I would not be surprised if we were to all recieve a favor from the Governor. Which is always useful in a tight situation." Kinotu sips his sake as he lays out his plan, looking to the others for their reactions and opinions of the plan.

Kyle Patrick Smith
"I have no objection to a demonstration of piety, Kinotu-san. In fact, this entire proposal may provide me with the opportunity I have been seeking," the swordsmith spoke. He stroked his chin in a thoughtful fashion as one of his many dilemmas came to mind. "For you see long have I contemplated in how to retire the Blade of Execution from its post. I may just be able to untether it, a symbol if you will, from my position.
"For you see I suspect full well how ominous a sight the sword is to the eyes of the smallfolk. I will announce the removal of its post and finally..." --Koutetsu glanced to Ejio with a resolute nod. "Unmake it."
He exhaled slowly as coming to terms with the fate of the sword had been hard.
"I have begun to refuse to carry the sword outside of mt formal duties as executioner. In doing so I have hoped to repel the rumors of my... Pleasure... Of carrying out the tasks I am Honorbound to perform. If the sword is removed from the public eye entirely, I believe it would help your endeavor, Kinotu-san."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu smiled as he took another sip from his cup. "Excellent. It seems we have one in agreement, but we will need everyone to achieve success. Spectre could possibly spread a rumor to the peasantry as he collects taxes about such a symbolic act to help that along. "

Jason Weeks
Ejio listened intently, keeping his focus on the three other men in the room despite his hands returning to their task. He set down a small clay figure and picked up another piece of hardened material and began once more. A quick inspection reveals a small scorpion with an exaggerated abdomen. It appeared to be... pregnant.
"Your plan seems to be a good one, Kinotu. I would make a slight alteration. You can set your ambush for the ones who terrorize the tunnel, but by simply placing the statue in that area, the governor will want to put guards there to protect it so as to show that he has authority in the area. The guards will deter the bandits and ultimately, the same goal will be accomplished. Of course, if they get particularly brave, they may come after the statue anyways and then your services will be required. I do believe that having a few of us show veneration to Inari at the new shrine would be wise. Especially Spectre, since he already has the ear of the people. Yes, Spectre, Ujo has told me that they look up to you."
Ejio smirked at the ronin before continuing.
"I will be happy to accompany you to speak with Metsumoto-sama. I think this could work in conjunction with the beautification of his wall and therefore fall within his good graces. If we can tie this to the safety of the district, I cannot imagine him having any objections. I do have one caveat, though. I would like to enlist the help of Ujo in creating the shrine statue. I believe it would give him more authority among the heimin and in turn give us a stronger voice back to them to keep the district stable."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu sips his sake in contemplation," I see no reason why this alteration shouldn't be accepted. I do agree that he will probably station guards there and it might deter bandits, but if they really want to get through the passage bad enough they will attack anyways. So guards will be posted but I also think that another smaller force should lay in wait for ambush should it be necessary. As crime in other parts of the district are fairly low by comparison, I see no reason for me not to stake out the area. Ujo is more than welcome to assist if he so chooses." He empties his cup and turns to Spectre," Unless you have something to add Spectre-san we shall proceed with the amended plan."

Charlie Lane
"I believe that the farmers will pray, regardless of the shrine. I also believe that the farmers may not realize that closing the hole in the wall will also deter a majority of the "unwanted traffic" that is ruining the fields." Specter turns his cup bottom-up and sets it back down." Speaking in short term relief, I do believe that this is a solid plan. I'm not much of a courtier so i'm not going to spread rumors. I will however spread the truth. Some raise in moral of the people at this point is far better than none. One thing remains certain though, if inaction remains the status quo, we will be cutting people down in the streets like farmers do their crops in the field."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu nods in agreement to Spectre. "Since we are all in agreement, I suggest that we enact the plan as soon as possible. The longer we wait the more riled up the peasantry will get. I wish you all luck in the parts you have to play." Kinotu downs his last cup of sake and turns the cup bottom up on the table.

Jason Weeks
Ejio smirked and drained the cup before him, leaving it open for refilling before him as he spoke.
"I am a courtier, to some extent, so I have no qualms spreading rumors and whatever else will help us attain our goals. And in this case, the less dead desperate farmers there are, the better. We shall speak to Metsumoto, but we will have to do so in a manner that will not offend Kurotema. I will arrange that portion. I look forward to seeing a little less slaughter in our district."

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Well then, Ejio-san, Kinotu-san, Spectre, it would seem we all have our roles to play. You could say the proverbial stage has been set. It is my hope this escapade solves more problems than generate new ones," the swordsmith spoke.
"Can you believe Kurotema took me aside and expressed the Emperor's displeasure at the executions taking place in the district? He spoke of how he could alleviate the rumors, the very ones you can blame him for causing! To think without his lifting me to this post, I'd have fewer problems today."
He nearly glowered at the thought. "I do not like the man," Koutetsu confessed. "He is a snake in the grass. But alas, I am off topic."
He refilled his sake cup alongside Ejio's cup. He nodded to his three companions and raised his cup in a toast.
"To Juramashi."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu picked his cup back up and filled it for the toast,"To Juramashi. " He takes a sip,"Perhaps we shall discuss 'that' particular problem the next time we are graced by the Bright Wind's hospitality."

Jason Weeks
"No matter how well-planned the solution, there will always be new problems that spring forth like weeds. But with every new problem, there will be new victories. Which, fortunately, lead to new toasts."
Ejio lifted his glass and continued.
"To Juramashi. And to us."
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Bright Wind Geisha House, Evening II
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