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 Informing the Players

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Informing the Players  Empty
PostSubject: Informing the Players    Informing the Players  EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 3:39 pm

The following details the plots and details I will focus on for each character in Act II. This is posted to keep you aware of what details the GM will focus on in the story. If you have other items you want to play a significant role, please inform me so that I can add them to the story.

All PCs

  • Doji Kurotema – Further development of this character as he relates to the PCs
  • The New Heavenly Message – Further development of this group as they pertain to the PCs
  • The Mondai Ketsu/Kitsune Sojin – Development of the group as a whole as they relate to the PCs
  • The Sentaku Syndicate – as above
  • The Ekohikei (Inner City) – Showcase differences on all levels between Inner City (Ekohikei) and Outer City (Toshisoto), specifically as refers to Status (kuge, buke, et al), customs, Imperial families, and more

Doji Ejio

  • NPC Development: Bayushi Akedare, Ide Tenseko (The Master), Soshi Ayami and Sakura (bastard baby girl), Togashi Mirashi, Kyaku and Simple
  • Crime and Crime - Development of Ejio’s discovery of the more expected Underworld and the noble Sentaku version and how they collide
  • Out of the Darkness - Development of close ties with Ide Tenseko and her personal development
  • Turquoise - Events surrounding the Turquoise Championship and the Artisan Split caused by Akedare

Ashidaka Koutetsu

  • NPC Development: Ashidaka Hijikei (the father), Bayushi Akedare, The Gaki Chi-Yomi, Sisters Niko and Ichiko, Kitsune Sojin, Otomo Nishige, Agasha Hiroshi
  • History of the Family – Development of the family shame story regarding Hijikei, Doji Kurotema, and Doji Yunagi and how it relates to the current story
  • War of the Family – The Sisters and Koutetsu butting heads (along with Akedare)
  • The Unfriendly Ghost – Development of Chi-Yomi in her new state
  • Explosive Developments – The Agasha alchemy and Ashidaka creation

Usagi Kinotu

  • NPC Development: The Bound Jama Suru, The New Heavenly Message, Asako Fumiko (the Tetsubo)
  • Cult or Friendly Gathering – Development of the Imperial City Cartographers and the attempted takeover of the New Heavenly Message cult
  • Bound in Chain – Development of interactions with the Voice, the Iron-Bound Jama Suru
  • I Name You Tool – Kinotu used as a dark tool for individuals within the Ekohikei


  • NPC Development: Kakita Kaiko, the Benefactor, The Ruby Dojo Duelists
  • Introduction into the Ruby Dojo of the Emerald Magistrates
  • Emerald Magistrate duties in the Chisei District
  • Perfection of dueling style; engaging with other duelists
  • Developing the Hero of the People angle from Act I
  • Discovery of the mysterious Benefactor and development of interaction with Kakita Kaiko

C Thomas Hand
GM/Storyteller/Swell Guy

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Informing the Players
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