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 (Koutetsu) Regarding O-Ka no Kami

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PostSubject: (Koutetsu) Regarding O-Ka no Kami   Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:41 am

After the revelation from Agasha Hiroshi regarding the spirit of creativity O-Ka no Kami, Koutetsu thinks it is worth reaching out to the spirit. The Ashidaka knows nothing about spiritual affairs, but he is aware that the unseasonable warmth may be connected to an angry and powerful fire kami. As such he decides to not distract Hiroshi from their work and reaches out to the Blessing of the Eternal Kami Order. Specifically, he personally writes the leader - Asako Iberu.

He declares through his partnership with Agasha Hiroshi, he believes he has a clue regarding the winter heat. The spirit O-Ka no Kami, an angry and powerful fire spirit of creativity, is connected to his forge. He offers to allow the shugenja access to his forge in order to research the origins of the weather.

Koutetsu specifically conveys that if this leads to a solution, Koutetsu will yield the glory to them. He appeals to this being a matter of spiritual importance. He hopes this can resolve his Obligation if they can discover the source of the endless summer. His primary concern is appeasing the kami's anger as not to sever the ties to his forge. He is otherwise willing to help in what capacity he is able.
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PostSubject: Re: (Koutetsu) Regarding O-Ka no Kami   Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:06 pm

Ashidaka Koutetsu, Karo of the Chisei District Governor,

I speak to you with utmost respect as befits your station and respond with all due haste. Your request that a member of our order examine your forge was not at first received with the expediency due one of your position. For that error I have experienced the sin of regret.

But that mistake was rectified by a junior member of our order and what he discovered shocked him so that he called for my expertise.

I do not know what you and Agasha Hiroshi have done in the course of your swordsmithing research, but I know that it must be undone. I cannot impress upon you enough the importance of this request – no, this demand! You toy with power beyond your ken, beyond the control of one shugenja with decades of experience to properly understand. I fear that Agasha Hiroshi, while an expert in his field, has neglected to realize the devastating effects of what he has done.

Otosan Uchi is a city of spirits. There is no place in this world with a greater focus than the home of our Lord Emperor, the Divine Son of Heaven. Because of this, the kami, the fortunes, and spirits of every realm flock to the Father’s Home to become closer to Tengoku, the Realm of Heaven.

Hundreds of spirits live within the tight confines of this glorious city, but four in particular are unique. These spirits existed at the Dawn of the Empire. We in the Order believe they may have even been created when the First Hantei blessed the city by first establishing it as his home.  These four spirits are unique. They exist in no other form in any other place. And they are power. Raw, elemental power.

Their names are Namazu Daimyojin (the Rumbling Lord), O-Ka no Kami (the Spirit of Creation), Ogon no Taiyo Gawa (The River of the Golden Sun), and Fuyu no Okaasan (The Mother of Winter).

You have reached out to one of them. Your actions did not cause it to become angry, yet you have given its fiery temper direction and purpose. I fear that if you are unable to live up to that purpose, if you are incapable of providing a proper outlet for that fury, we will all be burned.

The four spirits of Otosan Uchi are elemental powerhouses and one of them is unquestionably unhappy. The Order will continue our investigations, but we will reach out to the other spirits in an attempt to discover what has raised their ire.

I beseech you, do not toy with this power. It is imperative that you find a way to placate it. Find out what has caused it to become so aggressive and resolve that matter.

If I learn more, you shall hear from me.

Order of the Blessings of the Eternal Kami
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C Thomas Hand
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PostSubject: Re: (Koutetsu) Regarding O-Ka no Kami   Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:16 am

Koutetsu sends a letter to the Order following the death of Agasha Hiroshi.

Second in Command,

It is with great sorrow I must inform you of the death of my partner Agasha Hiroshi. As you are now no doubt familiar with my plight, you will understand the gravity of the situation I now find myself. As it stood before, Hiroshi maintained the spiritual connections between our forges and O-Ka no Kami. While I was taught the venerations to appease the spirit, I am concerned that I lack the strength a devout priest would have over maintaining these links. It is only in light of his murder I beseech the aid of the Order until such a time that I can quench the fury of the spirit.

My colleague, Kuni Akira, has communed with Namazu Daimyojin and O-Ka no Kami. In his communion he has learned the three spirits you speak of are distressed at the disappearance of Fuyu no Okaasan. The Mother of Winter has somehow been captured and secreted away somewhere within the city which is why the seasons are in flux. As such he and another colleague are attempting to find the Mother of Winter. I think when we find her we can placate the great spirits of the Father's Home and save the city from their wrath.

Until such a time comes, the connection between the forge and O-Ka no Kami will need to be maintained. Furthermore, a manner to safely sever the tether between Hiroshi's forge and the Spirit of Creation will need to be studied. I am concerned failing to safely maintain this link may result in a city block being visited with fiery wrath. However, I wonder if finishing the sword Hiroshi and I started may help serve as an outlet to spare the city some degree of fury. I must continue and have expedited my process to alleviate the continued danger to the city.

I hope a humble bushi can impress upon you the dire situation we are now in.


Ashidaka Koutetsu
Karo to Doji Kurotema, Chisei District Governor
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PostSubject: Re: (Koutetsu) Regarding O-Ka no Kami   

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(Koutetsu) Regarding O-Ka no Kami
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