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 Bright Wind Geisha House, Part III

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PostSubject: Bright Wind Geisha House, Part III   Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:14 am

Kyle Patrick Smith
Ejio, Kinotu, Spectre and Koutetsu had become regulars at the Bright Wind in such a way they were expected. Koutetsu arrived as he had any other night, ushered in and taken to their room with the view. Ohana and the other geisha were performing and sake was flowing freely. With the rise in their prestige so had the Bright Wind risen in its own. After all who didn't want to attend the same geisha as the children of lords and favored vassals of the Imperial Bureaucracy. Rising stars drew attention whether they like it or not.

Koutetsu's mood was not particularly great. It was obvious to those close to him that the death of his sensei had put a strain on him, another woe to pile on his shoulders. The Crane quietly took a seat and looked out the window at the skyline of the Forbidden City. He settled on a series of cushions and took a cup of sake that was poured for him. Out of an expression he wore a clean white haori which was draped from his shoulders.

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu walked into the geisha house in a kimono of his clan colors of red and white but this particular visit found him wearing an all white haori much the same as Koutetsu. He enters and is escorted to the usual spot he and his friends frequent.
He takes a seat across from Koutetsu and takes a sip of his sake. Kinotu takes one look at Koutetsu and his haori and gives a knowing bow to the grieving Crane. "It is good to see you again Koutetsu-sama. I hope you are holding up well. "

Kyle Patrick Smith
"My newfound duties have kept me busy," the Crane spoke.
While many had seen his "promotion" as a great Honor, Koutetsu merely saw it as a result of a necessary evil. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, or so they said. While the experience and elevation in status would benefit him, he was otherwise displeased with having to do so because of Kurotema. The Crane lordling - if you could still call him that - was bitter with frusteration though he hid that quite well. The grief was a harder matter to mask however.

His companions likely heard about a series of rumors: of how his sensei murdered a high ranking Seppun and how to brought her to justice. The Candle House grew in reputation which did little for Juramashi. There was also the matter of Koutetsu being stripped of his heir status which angered the Crane.

Somewhere an enemy reveled in that victory. Those thoughts stirred him and before he knew it his fist nearly crushed his sake cup.

"My Lord," a geisha whispered.

He released his grip on the cup in time.

Koutetsu looked up to Kinotu. "You'll be wed before long," he noted. "Are you looking forward to your nuptials?"

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu swirled the sake in his cup. "I am. She is a reputable woman of high status. It's more than someone of my background deserves in some people's eyes I'm sure. Of course it is Ejio I have to thank for it. " He raises his cup to Ejio. "By the way Ejio-sama, I don't know if you have heard but my sensei Osai was killed by a Bloodspeaker the night of the blood moon. So someone else will need to present your art to the emperor. " Kinotu seems a little sad at the mention of the death of the monk.

He turns back to Koutetsu," Has any young lady caught your eye or that of your family for you?"

Kyle Patrick Smith
The mention of the word 'bloodspeaker' didn't sit well with Koutetsu. After all, they were still in polite company. "Recall, Kinotu-san, this is a geisha house and not the Imperial offices of the magistrates," he quietly warned the Hare. Of course country bumpkin samurai such as a Hare could not be too faulted. After the remark he politely shifted the conversation.

"I have not had the time. Already I have passed on an invitation from Ejio-san to meet with a friend... Between serving as the interim governor, looking for suitors for my sisters, renovating my estates... I've hardly the time to forge, much less fish for colorful koi."

He sipped his sake and smiled meekly.

"Arriving here tonight was a feat all its own, I assure you."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu frowned at realizing that he had become all to accustomed to discussing such impolite matters as bloodspeakers and maho. It was a little unsettling just how second nature it seemed. "My apologies. It has weighed so heavily on my mind that I forget my manners sometimes." He turns his body language from sadness to interested curiosity." I did not realize that you had sisters that were of marrying age. How are the marriage arrangements going? My sister was just in the city looking for a husband. Her marriage arrangements were handled by our older brother Ozaki. I'm glad that you were able to fit this evening into your busy schedule. It just simply isn't the same without your presence. "

Kyle Patrick Smith
"The marriage arrangements... Are complex," the Crane spoke. He sighed and looked at his sake cup.
"Let me be honest between friends. As it stands, someone has manipulated my family in such a way that I have been denounced as heir of the Ashidaka. I have been named regent in name alone: a steward presides over my birthright and my sole authority is in finding suitors for my sisters Ichiko and Niko," Koutetsu explained.

"However, I have found this is all at fault to how my reputation had fallen. Now I am aware my sister is in negotiations to wed a Bayushi Akedare... And one of my sister's husbands will be Lord of the Ashidaka while I am to serve as Master Smith."

He frowned and offered his cup to an attending geisha to refill. "My sister speaks too freely of this man since I left home. I have suspicions, perhaps unfounded, that this man is manipulating my family against me and this is all a clever ploy to usurp power. So, I have a year to find suitors... And a year to cast a doubt on this Scorpion's claim on my sister's hand."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu arches an eyebrow," Well we can't have that now can we? My guess is that even if you were to find a suitor other than this Bayushi he would foil the arrangement. It would seem as though Akedare is the root of the problem. It sounds like we need to take care of him and improve your reputation so you can be reinstated as heir. You would still need to have a suitable suitor to replace him if he is out of the picture. Will your sister try to oppose you if you try to prevent this marriage to Akadare?"

Kyle Patrick Smith
"I don't know," he confessed. "I do not know how well the Scorpion has her wrapped around his finger... The only benefit here, Kinotu-san, is that my sisters are twins and neither has a claim over the seat of our family over the other. But there presents a problem all its own."

He sighed and nursed his sake cup as his eyes searched the open door to the balcony and the city beyond.
"Do you recall the condition Kitsuki Moru was in the night he leveled his accusations? You told me about them... And it has bugged me, but I think my sister Niko suffers similar symptoms. Ichiko said she required medicine but she never required it before I left for the Imperial City. She becomes so distant, so quiet..."

It bothered him to speak of it all. His family's shame was tearing him apart and he had no one to turn to."
"Something is wrong with her and I know if it persists, her eligibility as a bride will diminish..."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu taps the side of his sake cup,"It would seem that Niko has been deliberately compromised for the very fact that they are twins. If she were healthy and presented herself better than her sister then Akadare would be less of a threat. I know that you would want Akedare to be removed as a problem completely, but I think there are some steps that need to be taken to lessen his power and force his hand. Niko needs to be made well again and a distinguished suitor found for her. This will give her sister competition. I would suggest that you separate the two as I feel that her sister will try her best to he the dominant of the two and try to keep Niko in poor condition or influence her against you. I may be able to help her with her condition. I know of certain "elixirs" that could make her healthy enough for the road ahead. If one of your sisters does take your place as heir, you need her to have a frame of mind and husband you can trust. If we can, we need to try to get Ichiko interested in a different suitor. Easier said than done I know but it is worth looking into. You are in charge of finding them suitors which gives you at least some power against Akadare." Kinotu stops and shakes his head," I apologize for sounding like I have any say in the matter Koutetsu-sama. You are their brother and I know you will do what you feel is best for them. I merely wish to offer advise to a friend. "

Kyle Patrick Smith
"It is the only advice I have been given. All other words were merely, 'Accomplish the task.' I could hardly fault you for your words, Kinotu-san."

The Crane inclined his head and nursed his cup of sake. It was not terrible advice either. "What if I took Niko under my employ? Had her stay with me in Murabai while Ichiko remained in Juramashi? Its a start and given my duties and new estates, I could justify the matter..."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu rested his chin on his hand and thought on the matter,"Niko us an artisan or performer correct? I think there is someone better suited as her employer..." Kinotu glances over in the direction of where Ejio normally sits." A friend could look after her. I'm sure she would be in very capable hands. Especially someone who has helped with marriage arrangements before could keep an eye out for an appropriate husband. What are you gonna do about Niko's ailment?" Kinotu downs his cup and pours another.

Kyle Patrick Smith
"The issue is the two are already intended to be in his employ, though they have spent more time attending parties and other social functions," he murmured in annoyance.

The Ashidaka wrinkled his nose. "Sequester her...? I don't know what she is suffering from but if I could distance her from Akedare and Ichiko, that may be to my benefit."

"I've seen her sip from a flask and she had a curious sealed box when she first unpacked. Am I being too suspicious? I know little of these things."

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu set down his cup and had a serious look on his face,"Intended doesn't mean that they are. Unless Niko is separated from Akadare, I have a big feeling that she will never be the same person you remember ever again. As the oldest, do you have control over who her employer is? She must not be allowed to be employed by that man. I don't think you are being too suspicious at all. I know some things about what she could be dabbling in. I may be able to create an antidote if I have one of the bottles of what she is drinking. I could also be able to find out who her supplier is if you could sit her down with me."

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Recall Ichiko and Niko are in the service of Ejio-san. Yet Akedare persists, always appearing where my siblings go. Yes, I need to create distance but without animosity. As Regent I may well be within my rights to assign them as the needs of our family demands."

He frowned and set an empty cup down. It worried him how much easier drinking sake had become. He looked at the empty cup, nervous at the prospect of losing not only his father, but his sisters as well. It did not sit well with him he'd never see his father again. That... Hurt him a lot.

"Discretion... Would be vital. My family affairs... Need not escape this room, Kinotu-san," Koutetsu said with a grave voice.

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu stared back at the Crane. He understood the seriousness of the situation. Kinotu knows that if they knew some of his secrets he would want the same discretion from them."Of course Koutetsu-sama. We all have our secrets, some more destructive than others. If there is anything you would like my assistance with from coming up with an antidote for your sister's condition to finding out information on her supplier that is feeding her condition all you need to do is ask."

Jason Weeks
The music in the room stopped and Ejio looked up from his spot in the corner. He handed the biwa to one of the geisha near him and bowed his head slightly, showing his respect for both the instrument and the woman taking it from him. With a small bit of exaggerated effort, he stood and stretched before moving to take his usual place beside his friends. Arranging his powder blue kimono, he sat and stared at the two samurai, a flicker of his eyes betraying his hope that Spectre would show up as well. With a deliberate motion, he took the extra cup of sake and drained it before handing it to the servant to be refilled. Tonight seemed like it was going to need several more of those before it got better.

“I apologize for not joining you sooner. Sometimes I get lost in the listening.”

The phrase was ambiguous, giving no indication if he meant the music or the conversation.

“I have no solution for Ichiko yet. She will be a conundrum that I feel will take a long while to solve. Neko, however, I have an idea for that we can begin implementing tomorrow. I have been lax in expectations of your sisters’ service and I believe I should begin pulling them in. Neko will be given stewardship of the Tower. Of course, as such, she will need to spend quite some time there learning the place. More importantly, there is nothing that goes on there that I don’t know if I make an effort to find out. She will be safe both from Akedare and from herself. Besides, I can’t have her attending me in during Winter Court in her current state. As for Akedare, that will be difficult. I think our best bet is to find out who in the Scorpion clan is sitting behind him in prestige and is ambitious. Our current methods of fending off his assaults are too reactionary and at some point, we will be buried before we can react.”

Ejio accepted the refilled sake cup from the servant, sipped it, and put it down before continuing.

“On a brighter note, I have a wonderful woman I think you should meet, Koutetsu. You blew off the last invitation, which she found both annoying and interesting. I don’t think it would be wise to see if she finds the next time quite as interesting. I assure you, it will be well worth your time.”

Ejio’s eyes twinkled with amusement, mirroring the jovial but honest tone of his voice.

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu sipped from his cup and smiled in amusement,"My my Koutetsu-sama, playing hard to get are we? May I be so bold to ask who this mystery woman is? She must be quite a woman if she is to have your hand in marriage." Kinotu looks off into space trying to imagine what Koutetsu's possible future bride is like.

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Playing, 'I'm too busy to be chasing kimonos.' What with dealing with mundane district affairs, wondering if I need to stay at home like an overprotective father and handling family affairs, I'd rather garden or practice in the dojo," Koutetsu murmured. He took a fan from his obi, something he grew accustomed to wearing, and pointed it at Kinotu. "Besides, wooing someone has felt insignificant compared to my other... Matters. I could hardly give anyone the attention they'd want from me."

Jason Weeks
Ejio’s expression remained friendly but became more serious, letting the loss of playfulness be his signal that he did not consider it wise to disregard his statement.

“Your position is tenuous at best, Koutetsu. Right now, those who seek to do you good are outnumbered by those who seek to do you ill. A strong marriage brings with it allies who are tied to you and your reputation and if you are lucky, they will fight to keep both alive instead of just the latter. If you turn away from this opportunity, who will you seek when everything has come crashing down? You are attempting to keep the roof of a house intact while ignoring the walls. This is a chance to have at least one of your walls be strong enough to support the rest of the house if need be. Stop considering this to be entertainment and remember that marriage is an alliance, an agreement between families. You want an ally strong enough to possibly give you your family back? This is your best chance.”

Ejio took another sip from his glass, took a deep breath, and let his on return. He had not realized that he was getting quite so worked up until that moment. Still, he refused to appear contrite.

Kyle Patrick Smith

Koutetsu looked at his sake cup in contemplation. "You don't have to be a dick about it," he murmured.

Jason Weeks
Sake spewed across the table, only narrowly avoiding being shot into Koutetsu’s face as Ejio burst into laughter. The burning in his throat helped to settle the artisan’s mirth to a light chuckle before he attempted to reply.

“I know a few women who would disagree with you. Only slightly more seriously, sometimes I do. Sometimes it takes drawing blood before we realize how serious a fight has become.”

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu held up his hands in submission,"I understand your situation...more than you know. Between keeping the peace as magistrate, starting my own dojo, making plans to try to become the Imperial Cartographer of Otisan Uchi, and other obligations and left mist of my marriage arrangements to Ejio and Hayasu. Even my entire clan is now indebted to one man." He looks at Ejio,"But I know they are in good hands. I believe in Ejio-sama's abilities with these matters so I leave them to him while I focus my attention elsewhere. "

Kyle Patrick Smith
He hid a smirk and shook his head. "Contain yourself, Ejio-san, a Crab weeps over the sake you spilled," Koutetsu warned. He leaned over and refilled his friend's cup.

"Coming from an artisan, I doubt you've had the misfortune of spilling blood," he spoke casually. "But I will submit to your wisdom in these matters, though your reputation as an unmarried man does little for your deeds as a nakado. A thought you may consider in due time."

Jason Weeks
“Yes, well, a Crab’s tears are a precious thing and I will endeavor to not bring any more.”
Ejio wiped his mouth again and checked his kimono for spots, satisfied that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. His tone darkened slightly, the drink loosening the mask of his On he kept tightly wrapped around his emotions.

“And I have seen enough of my own blood to know what it is to be cut.”

Another drained glass and another refill happened before Ejio spoke again.

“Ohana-chan, play us something warlike as we prepare for battle this evening.”

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu arches an eyebrow," Battle sama? I didn't know we were under attack unless you mean that scorpion stinging you in the back. Shall I perform some kabuki to accompany the music? It would be my pleasure. "

Jason Weeks
“We have been under attack nearly from the moment we arrived, Kinotu. The stakes have merely risen recently and we are having to take the battlefield more seriously than before. This is life in the Imperial city. I have to admit, having maps of the battlefield will prove to be incredibly useful. Yes, I will do what I can to support your dojo and your pursuit of being the Imperial Cartographer. If you can supply me with maps, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Ejio-san has the right of it: we've all been under attack, whether we knew it or not, right from the start. I even suspect some plans were laid well before our arrival," Koutetsu reasoned.
"I could see maps being of significant value. I'd be willing to patron the effort in exchange for copies as well, Kinotu-san. Would this be agreeable?"

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu smiled at their interest in his undertaking," Of course samas. After all, we are at war and those who wish to protect this city must be supplied as such. It would be against my duty as a magistrate not to do so." His last statement said with a flourish of a melodramatic actor." I am glad that you are both so supportive of this endeavor. Any support or patronage will be more than welcome. The city itself is like the sea constantly changing it's surface with some lulls of stillness. City-wide maps will have to made almost daily to ensure accuracy but it is not a problem especially once my students are trained appropriately. A couple of days notice will ensure that you won't have too many surprises in your path. Most of what the dojo will need is political support from high status individuals. There are some that I have in mind to approach first once the dojo is established." Kinotu knocks back another cup and refills it.

Jason Weeks
Ejio chuckled at the theatrics and nodded in agreement to the Hare.

“Establish the dojo and set its purpose. We will spread it to the right ears to try and get it accepted. The opposition will be heavy but not insurmountable. It should be fun!”

Ejio looked back over his shoulder at the geisha playing the biwa and extended his hand towards her. She handed over the instrument and Ejio turned back around to his companions, speaking over his shoulder briefly as he began to work the strings.

“Sing along, Miyako-chan. I need something pretty to distract them while I dishonor this instrument thoroughly.”

Despite his assertion, the music came out clean though not perfect while Miyako’s gentle voice lent the expected distraction from his mistakes.

“Imperial Cartographer is a lofty goal, my rabbit friend. You could make maps of the city without the political pressures of such a title. Is there a reason for this particular ambition?”

Kyle Patrick Smith
"And to think I ever scoffed at how court could not be as troubling as a fight," Koutetsu mused. "Spectre cut down a man in the middle of a court room without as much propriety to take the business outside."
He shook his head and glanced outside. "We best be guarded less we be stripped of title, of station of Honor at the whims of a dog dancing on its hind legs for its master." He nodded and tipped his sake cup towards his fellows.

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu set down his cup with a thoughtful look on his face," Why such a lofty goal? There are many answers to this question. I could just make maps without the title but think about the long term: imperial protection, power, status, filling a need of the city, and becoming more than just your plain old rabbit. I could just make maps without the title but then anyone of high enough status could try blackmailing me, demanding a copy for their own means, or simply have my travel papers to the various districts revoked. If my dojo were to be burned down or my maps stolen, who would really care? I am not relevant in most people's eyes and the incident would merely become small talk amongst the courtiers. Doing the same against someone of imperial position or property of such an individual would have more dire consequences for the opponent. I am merely the third child of a minor clan daimyo. No one of real importance in the eyes of most in the city. Having an official imperial position would grant me the means and the status to honor and glorify my clan. I wish to become more than just Shinjo Hayasu's husband or a city magistrate. Plus, during my training with the monk Osai I saw a great need of the city that has never been satisfied. My students could act as escorts for dignitaries to lead them through the city along the fastest and safest routes. With this position and knowledge of the city comes power. Such knowledge would be valuable to anyone and as Imperial Cartographer I would have authority over who could be allowed such knowledge instead of it merely being taken away from me on a whim like taking sweets from a child. If there is one truth that I have learned from my time in this city it is this: There are servants and there are masters. It is my turn to become a master. I am a survivor, but now is the time to thrive instead of just surviving on the scraps of the city." Kinotu stared into his cup. Inside the liquid, he could see Jama Suru staring back at him laughing. Kinotu shakes his head realizing he had trailed off in thought. "My apologies. I didn't mean to ramble on. Your music is quite pleasant to the ear Ejio-sama. "

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Ambitious," Koutetsu noted.
He couldn't fault the man, however. His own situation was not too different though all he wished for was to retain his birthright. He wanted to be the rightful heir to the Ashidaka, bring glory to his house and Honor to his name. With it all taken away he felt desperate to prove himself like a minor clan samurai trying to be someone important in the Imperial City.
Yes, he could understand.

Jason Weeks
Ejio tilted his head towards Ohana who poured a sip of sake between his lips while he continued to play without interruption. He waited a few moments after swallowing before replying.
"Ambitious indeed. I'll drink to that. Actually, I'm pretty sure I just did. And thank you, Koutetsu, but I am mediocre at best with this thing, still. It is just a matter of choosing the proper distraction while keeping your focus so I get the credit. And Miyako is a magnificent distraction, don't you think?"
Ejio's tone briefly took on a possessive pride when he mentioned Miyako, but otherwise remained normal, failing even to slur his words just yet.

"You are right, that is a much loftier, worthier goal than simply making maps. I believe you will get your appointment after the gift you have commissioned for the Emperor. We will have to make it grand so that he makes the decision in a single act instead of consulting the tribunal or anyone else. Make sure the maps you provide me give me plenty of depth. I have already started work on the Jurumashi district, but I need more. If you can give me excellent drawings of the Hayasu district from high places, it would go a long way in allowing me to craft what we need."

Jason Weeks
*thank you, Kinotu* (Too damn many Ks.)

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu perks up at the idea,"Very true Ejio-sama. I will do so over the next few months and try to make them as detailed as possible. Are there any other districts that you need maps of as well? Also, how would the station of Imperial Cartographer be proposed to the emperor in the most eloquent and least presumptuous way possible? Also it would have to be done quickly so the Miya won't have a chance to stymie the proposal."

Jason Weeks
Ejio shook his head once, dismissing at least part of what Kinotu had said.
“No, there are no other districts that we need to map. We haven’t the time and I haven’t the inclination to literally carve out the entire city. As for proposing the idea, I wouldn’t focus too much on that. We will have allies with whispers that are louder than objections potentially screamed. And as I said, we need it to be decided in an instant, if we can.”

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu shrugged his shoulders,"As you wish. I have complete confidence in your network and your skill in the arts. Who all would we wish to accompany us or be there once you complete your presentation of the gift? Perhaps your father or some of your allies? As a magistrate, I can order some doshin to act as our escort to the palace to ensure that your artwork makes it to the palace safely. We have a lot riding on this, so I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to ensure success." Kinotu takes a drink from his cup, enjoying the slight burn as it warms his spirits.

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Just be careful. Overstepping ourselves is bound to result in danger to any of our best laid plans. But I think we all know the pitfalls ahead of us."

Jason Weeks
“We will figure out who to bring. I think we should wait till we are closer to the event and see what stars are shining before we decide which ones to let guide us. And Koutetsu is right, our best laid plans are a single voice from being death sentences if we do this poorly.”

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu nods in agreement, "How do we feel about Kouretema? Is he something that needs to be dealt with now or after Akedare?"

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Leave him be," Koutetsu said in a flat tone to Kinotu. Ejio would find his words no doubt surprising. "We owe much to Doji Kurotema at this time." He said nothing more, sipped his tea and watched the skyline of the Forbidden City through the window.

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu was surprised at his statement, "Are we treating him as an ally now or is this a temporary situation? We are no longer in his district and he has helped us to achieve better positions, so I can understand the change of heart." He downed his cup. The Hare will need some more sake to digest this new turn of events.

Jason Weeks
The Doji’s fingers faltered, causing Miyako to have to cover his lapse in music but he quickly recovered and nodded in response to Koutetsu’s comment.

“So we do. I am more than a little curious as to exactly how much but I will follow our esteemed governor Koutetsu’s lead. Is there anything we can do to aid you in your duties, Koutetsu?”

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Just make sure there is more than one voice of reason beside me on the dais," Koutetsu reasoned. He nodded and sipped from his sake cup before his eyes swept back to Kinotu and Ejio. "There is much work to be done, so let's accomplish what we can. The eyes of the city are on us after all."

Jason Weeks
Ejio smirked, unable to keep it back as he replied.

“I very much doubt that I can be considered the voice of reason. But I will stand beside you on the dais. Well, behind. Probably off to the side a bit. Just in case you people start throwing things. I’m not very good at getting out of the way, unfortunately. I’m hoping to get better.”

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Anywhere so long as I am not alone with Kurotema," the swordsmith said simply.

Jason Weeks
"That I can promise. Momentary ally or not, he is not to be trusted. Used, perhaps. Just not trusted."
Ejio set the biwa aside and took up his cup once more.

"My fingers are still not used to that thing. I'm afraid that is probably all I can do for the night lest I come away blistered and whiny. Well, more so than normal."

Kyle Patrick Smith
"Poor Ohana-chan's ears are like to hurt anyways," Koutetsu remarked with a smirk.

Jonathan Logan Turman
Kinotu raised his cup to Koutetsu, "I will stand beside you Koutetsu-sama. I may not be the best in courtly matters but I can be of assistance in matters of law. Any other service that you require of me Governor? "

Kyle Patrick Smith
"I need you to research Rokugani law," Koutetsu spoke. "I need someone intimately familiar with it. There will be matters ahead vital to me that require the knowledge."
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Bright Wind Geisha House, Part III
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