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 Creating a Pack

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Creating a Pack  Empty
PostSubject: Creating a Pack    Creating a Pack  EmptyMon Nov 02, 2015 1:31 am

All of the following are preliminary thoughts on how to make the characters for this game. They are not set in stone just yet so please don't start building actual characters until we have something more solid.

We need to work out at least a basic outline for the city as well as what kind of game we are interested in playing before we get too far into the pack creation process.

The way I see the character and pack creation process:

  1. Choose whether you want to start as a new Werewolf or you want to actually RP out the changing process and instead create a starting human. As a note on this, I think I am going to give a small benefit during character creation for certain things to possibly include starting off as a human instead of a changed Werewolf.
  2. Develop a general concept for your character. This will include things he/she is good at, weak at, plot ideas, character goals and motivations, tone and background, and all the important shit that makes a character REALLY a character. Of particular note here are Virtues and Vices and Archetypes. Probably don't want to do a ton of overlap between the characters, but small amounts of overlap are acceptable.
  3. Look at Auspice. As a group, you do not have to have 5 different Auspices, but it does create a Blessed Pack if you have 1 each from all 5. As a GM, I strongly urge you to consider playing 5 different auspices (or 4 or some combination depending on how many people end up playing). However, I am more than willing to make any combination work. Even if everyone chooses Rahu (Full Moon) we can make something work.
  4. Look at Tribe. It doesn't matter if all of you choose a different tribe or all the same. There are merits and flaws to both concepts.
  5. Character/Pack Creation notes. Look at pages 67-74 of the Werewolf: The Forsaken book to see suggestions an details on creation of both pack and character.
  6. Other shit that I haven't thought of yet. Territories, totems, all that shit.

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Creating a Pack
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