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 Wedding Gifts (Koutetsu, Kinotu)

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PostSubject: Wedding Gifts (Koutetsu, Kinotu)   Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:25 am

With Usagi Kinotu's wedding to Shinjo Hayasu impending, Ashidaka Koutetsu decided to forge a pair of daggers - both identical to the other - as gifts for the bride and groom. The aiguchi are beautifully wrought ceremonial daggers as much a work of art as a dangerous weapon in capable hands. In fact, the quality is impressive for a man renown for his exclusion of forging katana. They are delicately etched with an image of a gaijin steed and hare racing against the sunset. The finishings are done in silver and mother of pearl with a polished white oak handle and sheath. On their wedding day the two daggers are presented in a velvet lined box of cherrywood.

Dagger 1:
Dagger 2:

3/4 Free Raises, 4 Called Raises

Signature: Weapon bears a unique signature stamp, identifying it with its creator. Raises: 2 (TN to recognize based on Creator’s current glory or glory at death) (You may add the creator’s appropriate Glory Rank to one Social Roll per month while you wield the weapon).

Vicious: Victims wounded by such a blade suffer 1 wound per round (+1 wound per raise made to “rend”) until treated with a Medicine Roll of TN 25 or magical healing is received. Raises: 3

The two/three remaining raises are intended to be used for quality and artistic beauty; the weapons are breath taking in their display. Any warrior would be proud to carry such an elegant weapon.
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PostSubject: Re: Wedding Gifts (Koutetsu, Kinotu)   Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:21 pm

Kinotu will perform the expected appropriate dance of etiquette by refusing the gift twice before accepting it, but anyone who takes a close look in his eyes can see the look of pure joy at the deadly gift.

"We will both treasure these blades forever Koutetsu-san. I will carry this with me wherever I go and tell those who ask of its maker the legend that is the great Ashidaka Koutetsu."

The Hare places the tanto next to his ancestral blades in full view of the crowd.
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Wedding Gifts (Koutetsu, Kinotu)
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