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 NPC Introduction: Lovely Lady Loup

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PostSubject: NPC Introduction: Lovely Lady Loup   NPC Introduction: Lovely Lady Loup EmptyFri Mar 04, 2016 4:14 pm

Introducing: The Lovely Lady Loup

Storyteller Note: This will be the first of hopefully many NPC Stories and Scenes. They are meant to show a different side of the game and to reveal some of the deeper motivations of the other characters of Arsenal.

Writing Note: I wrote this listening to the music involved. It may help make the story seem better if you click the links as you go through.

It Begins...

Wooden stairs creaked and bowed under the weight of dozens of high heels. They felt soaked through, swollen. Mona was certain they’d crack or break before she reached the bottom. Mona’s hands hovered just above the plywood walls, ready to catch her, but not touching them for fear of splinters. Her friends pushed her from front and back and giggled. High or drunk or too stupid to notice the peril at their feet, they raced down in the wooden darkness.

“Why are we coming here? This place is so dirty.”

“She’s playing tonight, silly! Don’t be so, like, afraid. It’s gonna be great.”

One of Mona’s sorority sisters hit the dirt floor before the rest. With a squeal of delight she threw open hanging wooden doors. Mona cringed at the heady smoke and wicked red light. Smells of booze and sweat mingled with something that made Mona think of a long night tangled in the sheets. She was suddenly happy for the light as she felt the heat rush to her face.

They had arrived late into the night. Mona brought along because of her “straight” reputation. The other girls knew they could get fucked up, stupid drunk or high on Molly, and Mona would take care of them.

“But why so far out of town?”

“She plays, like, all over. You never know where. Or when. Payton heard on the podcast she’d be at the Red Willow Cabaret tonight, so let’s go, go!”

From outside the Red Willow looked like an Old West saloon. Except, when you walked past the hanging front doors, you entered a tiny room with a big bouncer checking I.D. Past him, the strained stairs down, down, deep into a wooden descent in dank atmosphere.

Someone had dug out a tremendous basement below the bones of the old saloon and filled it with a stage, bars, and cheap wooden floors interspersed by the raw earth.

There was a semi-punk looking woman on stage in a weird Sgt Pepper outfit that hugged her body tight. She sang in a voice like a warm cloth gliding over your skin. Mona recognized a version of “I Put a Spell On You” that closely resembled Nina Simone. Her group passed the stage and she looked directly at the singer. Despite the haze of smoke, those liquid gray eyes stared back and she felt a shiver run up her spine.

You hear me,
I put a spell on you…
Because you’re mine…

I Put a Spell On You (Nina Simone)

The girls found a table between two groups of guys where they were certain the attention of free drinks. They giggled again and popped pills. Mona had eyes only for the stage, for the woman. She was captivated by the subtle sexiness, the almost primal wave of carnality that rolled off the woman’s lips.

The music shifted and out of nowhere smoke rose to fill the stage. Mona’s brow furrowed. She craned her neck up but could not see smoke machines or a source for the haze.

In seconds, the band was hidden behind a literal smoke screen. The woman vanished into the gray haze.

Owoooooo! the musical howl echoed and the entire place roared to life. Mona jumped at the sudden applause and echoed howl from the crowd.

“What’s happening?”

“Shut up, girl! Listen! She’s gonna do it.”

Inside the haze, Mona thought she could see the woman shift, her body change. That silky voice rolled out, deep and unafraid.

Little Red Riding Hood - Laura Gibson

Who’s that I see walkin’ in these woods
Why, it’s Little Red Riding Hood
Hey there Little Red Riding Hood
You sure are looking good
You’re everything a big bad wolf could want…

Mona shivered again and shifted in her seat. She pulled at the hem of her tight short skirt, red made brighter amid the smoke.  The song made her feel like she was the focus of attention. All eyes looking at exposed flesh above and below.

The smoke swirled around the woman. Only the voice came out. The band slowly came back into view through the haze. They had changed.

Little Red Riding Hood
I don't think little big girls should
Go walking in these spooky old woods alone

A drum beat danced across the air, sudden and loud, the ratatat of a gunshot. The band’s dressy suits had vanished, replaced by punk rock hair and piercings.

The music changed, rapidfire, the tempo raced ahead.

No longer the sensuality of a 40’s nightclub, it exploded with aggression.

The woman’s voice turned raw and angry. She stepped free of the camouflage. Her dress was gone, her spiky hair altered completely. Now, she wore a tight skirt, fishnet attire, and a liberty spike Mohawk with piercings.

Mona was sure she had none of those a moment ago. She felt like she could see every exposed inch of the woman’s form daring her to look ever closer.

Little Red Riding Hood - The Meteors

A heavy hand fell on Mona’s shoulder and she nearly leapt from her seat. She looked up into the eyes of the single sexiest man she had ever seen. He was naked to the waist except for a tattoo of a tribal wolf.

He said nothing and held out his hand.

What big eyes you have
The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad
So just to see that you don’t get chased
I think I ought to walk with you for a ways

Mona followed without thinking. Somewhere far away her sisters screamed and screeched in pure jealous glee.

“Go girl!”

Bare-Chest walked her to the stage. He seemed to want to lead her up, but there were no stairs. Her confused look must have been obvious because he shook his head. Suddenly, massive arms wrapped about her and lifted her up, up, onto the old wooden platform. She sighed in regret when those muscles were no longer pressed against her flesh.

Mona barely had time to reorient herself before he was there again. He pushed up a chair. She fell back her legs inadvertently spread. Before she could close them, the woman was there, bare skin brushed up against Mona’s. Thighs pressed her legs wider.

She felt that furious well of desire rise up and closed her eyes tight.

The man behind her, hands gliding on her flesh.

The woman in front, writhing in time to the music.

Mona was being used as a kind of pole between them as they moved.

Little Red Riding Hood
I’d like to hold you if I could
But you might think I’m a big bad wolf so I won’t

A finger lifted her chin. She opened her eyes and they were met by the heavy gray of the woman’s. The music shifted again, wild and furious and the woman threw back her head to howl and howl and howl!

The whole club howled with her. Mona looked over and saw her friends holding up drinks, screaming at the ceiling. She looked back and the man, exposed to the waist, a map of muscles she wanted so badly to touch.

When Mona looked back at the woman she was the only one not screaming. She looked down into Mona’s eyes. She seemed to whisper something.

Let it ride you. Let it come. Give in.

Mona closed her eyes once more.

The woman turned and walked away from the girl in the chair. She laughed into the microphone and waved at the band.

“Do you all want to see something…wonderful?”

They screamed.

A guitar sound belched forth. The woman’s voice shifted into a screeching, angry thing.

Rob Zombi - Pussy Liquor

Gimme a B
Gimme an A
Gimme a B
Gimme a Y
What’s that spell?
What’s that SPELL!

Mona shivered. Her eyes did not open.

Earl had a baby,
Baby was her name.
He knew she was crazy,
Tiny was the same

Mona felt a presence. It wrapped around her, caressed her body, held her like a lover. With her eyes closed she envisioned the man and imagined herself writhe atop him. The woman was behind her, pushing her, guiding her. A voice entered her mind then and asked a simple question in a sultry voice:

“May I?”

“Yes,” Mona whispered in ecstatic agony. “Please, yes…”

She was stood. The chair fell. The music flowed through her. Something took control and her hips jerked back into the man, her breasts pushed tight against the singing woman. She felt every intake of breath. Every syllable of the music.  

Yeah I like to get fucked up
Yeah I like to get fucked up too!
Yeah I bet you do.

Mona was liquid sex as she danced across the stage.

The woman’s voice echoed.

The audience screamed.

Mona turned used the man like a prop. She danced against his sweaty flesh. She had never felt like this. Her body was on fire. Her mind was in the stratosphere. Some distant part of her was certain her friends had drugged her.

The voice, the spirit inside her, laughed and whispered its name.

“Lussuria,” Mona said. Lust-in-Motion.

The spirit seized control. It rode her, used her body to express its desire. Used her to increase the desire of those in the club.

She danced. The woman sang. The crowd roared with delight. It went on forever until it was over.

Mona’s eyes opened and everyone was on their feet. Her dress was crumpled and she could feel her ass and thighs exposed. Bra open to the world. She didn’t care. Her eyes were full of desire. Her lips broke into a smile. Her body heaved with deep, pure breaths.

Behind her, the band leader took the microphone from the woman as she stepped off the stage.

“A hand for the Lovely…Lady…Loup!”

The crowd roared again and Mona’s eyes watched the woman.  She looked back, punk rock hair and sultry gray eyes on fire.

The woman winked. In her mind, Mona heard the spirit.

“Be mine for a night and we will have fun together.”

Yes, Mona thought and closed her eyes.


The Lovely Lady Loup pushed past the backstage doors. She grabbed a towel from a hook on the wall and wiped away the slick sweat. She breathed deep. She could smell the sex, the desire, the need of the herd. Her lips broke into a smile.

It faltered a little as she walked into her private room and saw the short man seated on her couch. His little bowler hat and thick glasses made him look older than her grandfather.

“You play with that spirit like a toy. Lussuria becomes greedy.”  The man’s voice was empty. The sound of an echo stolen.

“It is a spirit of desire. It has to be indulged, George.” She sighed theatrically. “George. When are you going to get a better name?”

“It’s from…”

“I know, I know. It still sounds stupid for one of our kind. Makes you sound old.”

“We can’t all have names as inconspicuous as yours.”

Her eyes narrowed to slits, lips pursed tight. Then she barked a laugh.


He took off his glasses to clean them. “Control wants you to send a message.”

“Her name is Watchmaker. You watch too many movies.” She slid to her table and began to fiddle with the electronics atop it. She pulled a microphone in front her and picked up a set of heavy headphones.

The man did not respond, but she could feel his shrug. Not for the first time, she wondered how she could be in the same pack as this hollow shell.

She flipped on the transmitter. “Who are we reaching out to this time?”

“The Scar Angels. They never have their phones and a Moot is to be called. Control…Watchmaker wants them here when it happens. She thinks another one is on the way.”

Lady Loup’s eyebrow shot up. “So soon? That makes…” she counted in her head and smiled wide.

“Yes. She thinks they will be a pack.”

The spikey haired woman spun around in her chair and held the button to record.

“Owooooooo! Hello ladies. Hello boys. You are listening to the sexy sounds of the luscious lupine, the Lovely Lady Loup! It’s that time. It’s Midnight in the Garden.”

As she began to record the podcast, she felt a familiar presence swirl about her body. She released the record button and whispered. “Hello, Caluhal, my little messenger. Do you desire a task?”

She could feel the little spirit’s giddy response. It served the greater spirit Loup had released into the girl as part of its brood. A spirit of need, it always longed for a task.

“I need you to reach to some friends. Do this and Lussuria will feed you well.”

Lady Loup pressed the button again. “Tonight we reach out, back to the not-so-distant past, and speak to the killers. The Killer Wolf!”

She howled and laughed and hit play on the Danzig track all the while she whispered to the spirit its task. It fled along the lines of communication, an arrow fired at a distant target.

“Stay tuned…”

Killer Wolf - Danzig

Storyteller Notes:
As mentioned, this is an introductory piece. It’s hard to get all the right stuff into the story and I feel I owe a brief explanation of certain parts.

The Lovely Lady Loup is an Iron Master Cahalith. She is part of the Alpha Pack of the city known as “The Peacemaker’s Solution” along with George Smiley, a Storm Lord Irraka; Watchmaker, a Bone Shadow Elodoth and pack alpha; and Park Sun Ae, a Denver survivor and Bone Shadow Ithaeur.

The Lovely Lady Loup is a consummate performer and hides herself in plain sight. She has a semi-secret podcast that she plays sporadically to draw people to her shows. She uses the podcast to send out secret messages to the Forsaken of Arsenal. She has ties to a spirit of performance that ensures that only the ears of an Uratha can hear the messages that are otherwise silent to the Herd (Humanity).

The Red Willow Cabaret is her most common performing grounds. She owns the old building. Its stage is a Locus (Rank 3) with a resonance of Sensuality guarded by a Jaggling spirit (Rank 3) called Lussuria, or “Lust-in-Motion.” It has a brood of little servants that answer Lady Loup’s call. She “feeds” the spirit’s need and spreads the resonance of lust and desire by allowing it to temporarily “ride” a human she puts on stage.

Her podcast is called Midnight in the Garden.

Images of the Pack

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NPC Introduction: Lovely Lady Loup
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