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 Character Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Character Creation Rules   Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:02 pm

Creation Rules

The intent is for you to create a solid Rank 4 character, preferably no more than about midway through that Insight level.  If your character is too close to the Rank 5 threshold, may have to reduce the experience given out overall.


230 XP
All Void Rings start at 3 for free

+30 XP for Skills

Advantage Limit +15 (not counting Ancestors)

Each character will start with Social Position for free. I will determine your actual status and roles from the following. If you have a desire for one, please make it known:
To be Determined

Disadvantage Limit -10
Anything taken beyond -10 will not give you points.


Skill Limits and Requirements

  • No skill may start above 6
  • You may only have 1 skill at 6 and it has to have a very good reason (Great Potential, Prodigy, extreme focus of the character, etc)
  • No more than 2 skills at Rank 5 to start
    You gain Insight for no more than 4 skills at Rank 1

  • Horsemanship starts at 2 (3 for any School that normally starts at 2)


Bonus XP

Familial Background: Your characters are likely a decade or more past gempukku because of their Insight Rank.  Please describe your basic family structure (father, mother, siblings, spouse, and children) and important relationships to all.  You might be considerably younger if you have Prodigy or something similar. 

Doing the above grants you ONE of the following

  • 2pt Blackmail (a member of your family; does not count towards Adv Maximum)
  • 2pt Ally (a member of your family; does not count towards Adv Maximum)
  • 3pts towards Gentry (family holding; does not count towards Adv Maximum)

Vassal Family: Your character is not a member of the royal family of any of the Unicorn Great Families unless you take Social Position or some similar advantage (like an Ancestor).  Please choose a Vassal family to belong to (pp288-291 Great Clans) OR devise your own Vassal family.  Basic requirements are that you have a name and general purpose for your Vassal family. If you ARE a member of a Great Family, please describe your importance and relations to the other members (the Khan’s first cousin, Ide Daimyo’s nephew, etc).

Doing the above grants you a Free Emphasis in a skill relating to your Vassal Family; your decision.

Special Skill, Advantage, and Disadvantage Rules:

As a note, any Advantage or Disadvantage you take WILL come into play during the course of gameplay if I can at all manage to bring it in.  Please don’t take anything frivolously or just for points.

  • Dependent is worth +1 XP
  • Gaijin Gear only costs 2 XP (instead of 4) and does count against your starting Advantage (See p253 of Great Clans for more options)
  • Gaijin Name worth 3 XP for Unicorn
  • ---> You may “enhance” this disadvantage (gain +1XP) by strengthening your heritage to your gaijin name in obvious ways (appearance, closer family ties, etc). This is in part meant to reflect the fact that the Unicorn allow some gaijin to swear fealty to their clan. 
  • Languages: All characters may start with one of the following languages: Yobanjin, Senpet, Yodotai, Mekhem, or Rhuumal. At least one character MUST take Mekhem, the language of Medinaat al-Salaam’s native people.
  • Compulsion: Wanderlust grants +1 XP
  • Lore: (Anything relating to Gaijin) costs -1 xp per rank to raise (Ex: 1 to 2 costs 1; 2 to 3 costs 2) ONLY at character creation.


Family/School Bonuses

  • Iuchi Shugenja will gain Iuchi Ancestor for free and may choose up to 3 spells to start as Meishodo Amulets.
  • Ide Courtier characters start with +10 XP that may be only spent on skills
  • Special Note: Ide Courtier will also start with a yojimbo. He is a Rank 3 Moto Bushi. Make him however you wish with no more than 3 skills beyond his starting; no more than 7 points of Adv and/or 7 points of Dis.  You may use this guy in combat to keep combat from being boring for you (though, you will likely see some neat ways to engage no matter what).
  • Shinjo characters may start with Absolute Direction, +4 XP to spend on a Kata, and a free Emphasis in Hunting and Athletics
  • Moto Bushi get +4 XP to spend on a Kata and two Free Emphasis in any Bugei Skill.
  • Death Priests get +4 XP to spend on Lore: Theology and an additional spell of their maximum Mastery Level
  • Utaku characters may start with Virtuous for free and get +4 XP to spend on a Kata.
  • Horiuchi Characters will not be allowed because of their exceptional rarity in the game at this time. However, you may take the Meishodo school to start if you wish.


Story Enhancements

  • Choose at least one item of equipment you have and give it some background. Make it non-magical, but have meaning. Flesh it out. +2 XP

  • Describe an element of your character’s ancestry that relates to the Burning Sands in some fashion. This could be an act of heroism, gaijin blood (detailed), etc. +2 XP

  • Choose a single Skill, Emphasis, Trait, Ring, Advantage, Disadvantage, or some other aspect of your character sheet. Choose another aspect from another player’s character sheet and tie them together. +2 XP


Kharma Points

I am resetting the amount of Kharma Points each player has for this game. Everyone will start with 2 KP. You will receive an additional KP in the middle of this game (at the halfway point).  You may spend them as follows:

  • Reroll for yourself or another player with +1k1) or an enemy with -1k1
  • Gain 7 XP (may not be used at character creation).  
  • Awaken a nemuranai a level comparable to Karasu’s Mask (see below)

  • ---> This will represent an item having awakened in your possession over the course of time.  I would prefer the item NOT to be a weapon or armor. Be inventive!

Karasu’s Mask (Basis for all starting nemuranai)
Iuchi Karasu was among the most powerful shugenja the Iuchi have ever produced. His fate was tied to that of Kuni Yori during the Clan War and the two indirectly clashed after Yori’s corruption.  Karasu was taught an ancient technique called the Doomseeker Technique by a Rakshasha named Adisbah.  During his long fight against corruption and deception, his iron mask awakened. 
Mechanics: Non-Rokugani magic affecting you has its TN increased by 3 times your Void Ring.  Additionally, you gain 2 Free Raises for the purpose of Spellcasting and one additional Void Spell Slot per day.
Starting Spells
Each Shugenja will start with 3 spells per rank. The following restrictions apply:

  • No more than 2 Rank 5 spells
  • No more than 3 Rank 4 spells
  • No more than 5 Rank 3 spells
  • Additionally, you start with ALL Rank 1 spells of your chosen Affinity listed in the Core Book.  You may take spells from other books as well (Book of Water or Book of Earth are good spots to look).

Alternate Paths:
Non-shugenja may take no more than two Alternate Paths.

Shugenja: for each Alternate Path you take beyond the first you lose a starting spell of Mastery Level equal to that Path Rank.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Rules   Mon Sep 15, 2014 5:25 pm

Slow ass.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Rules   Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:43 pm

Quick Reference for Costs:

Skill Costs: 1 to 2 (2), 1 to 3 (5), 1 to 4 (9), 1 to 5 (14), 1 to 6 (20)

Emphasis: 2xp/each

Trait Costs: 2 to 3 (12), 3 to 4 (16), 4 to 5 (20); 2 to 4 (28); 2 to 5 (48)

Void Costs: 2 to 3 (18), 3 to 4 (24), 4 to 5 (30); 2 to 4 (42); 2 to 5 (72)

Kata Costs: Equal to Mastery Level
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Rules   Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Rules   

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Character Creation Rules
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