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 The Adventurer's Charter

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The Adventurer's Charter Empty
PostSubject: The Adventurer's Charter   The Adventurer's Charter EmptyThu May 19, 2016 8:13 pm

The Adventurer's Charter

Part of the purpose of running the D&D game is to allow potentially interchangeable character ideas and possibly have someone besides me DM the game. In that spirit, there will be a point in game where the players will likely end up joining an adventuring company of some sort.

After a story is complete, if it makes sense and players would like to try out a new idea or character, they can use someone else who is also part of the same adventuring charter. This allows all the players, no matter what character they are playing, to contribute to a greater whole that affects all the rest of their characters.

It also lets me make a character who is part of the charter and jump right in.

I say all this because I want to solicit ideas on how this charter/company might form. It doesn't have to be a mercenary group or adventurer's group or whatever. It can form a bit more organically in game, as well. But if you have an idea, throw it out there. Also, be prepared to interact with this at some point in the game. I will try to make it flow into the story instead of being shoehorned.

One potentially interesting aspect of running the game this way will allow for multiple different characters to eventually hold important roles and titles within the group. For example, if you decide to mimic the Companies of Rhetaea, one of your characters could be the Captain while the other serves as Historian or Keeper of the Lore, or something.

Finally, realize that you do not have to switch out your character. Ever. It's just an option Very Happy

Mechanics and Level

I think the idea will be to allow players to create alternate characters that are the same level, or perhaps slightly slower. But each time you decide to slide a different character into the game you will be close to the others.

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The Adventurer's Charter
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